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Saturday, October 19, 2002
Computer Nerd (Geek) Syndrome? On the news this morning: Autism is on the increase in children in California and Cambridge UK...........both centres for computer development and technology.Coincidence? Not likely!
I taught a little boy once who was diagnosed autistic and he was very very intelligent, very vocal but didn't tread the same world we did. Not disruptive in the 'pain in the a**' way but in a gentle and definite way.the class was learning to say 'Good Morning' in German. Gianni got up. walked to the front of the class and announced to the world 'The sky is blue', beamed on us all and went back to his seat.Not long after he moved to a special school. I wonder how many more Giannis there are worldwide now? I daresay the researchers are busy compiling data right now.

It's bake a banana cake day...........I trade banana cakes with the butcher boys across the street, for game--ie. venison and partridge, pigeon and hare...........I cook as a therapy (I think:-) and just now is the game season in England so exciting times in the kitchen! Cheese and oat bars for the owner of the health food shop and chile meat balls for the deli/bakery..............this week I was presented with 1 balti hot pie for lunch, 1 whole vacherin cheese, 1 jar of onion marmalade, a bag of chile pasta and a 2lb bag of wholemeal flour!!!!!! I love this street:-)

Friday, October 18, 2002
'Fear Nothing' they say.............but what about fish and chips in styrofoam? And who isn't afraid of flake white in TINS??????????? Lead content? Maybe that explains the addled state of my elderly brain!
I'm also afraid of mundane things like war, famine, drugs-but isn't everyone?
Entered a time warp last night..........again! It happens every time I talk to an old friend/pupil on the 'phone....the 'me' who's doing the talking lives in the sixties. The 'me' who looks in the mirror is of a much later vintage. Are there two 'me's? It gets weirder when I speak to Chris...........he's a photographer and archivist who lives on Dartmoor but to this 'me' he's about 18 and a soon-to-be art student.So.are there two of him too?

Thursday, October 17, 2002
Totally exhausted after 5 hours of trial and tribulation trying to reach this page.........BUT here I am and there will be more:-)

Here we go.