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Friday, November 01, 2002
Fireworks in the carpark last night.....I thought it was Halloween, not Bonfire Night! The fireworks this year are even louder..........bangers I mean, so Tuesday night should be a riot:-(

I practised the fine art of procrastination all day yesterday, carefully avoiding the unfinished portrait sitting on the easel...it's so easy to find other stuff that just has to be done 'right now'! I started looking for a small jump ring to shorten a necklace and before I knew it, I'd demolished a packing crate full of old files, photos and junk. As I sat on the floor, surrounded by it all, I realised that 3 hours had vanished and I'd managed to create a whole heap of new jobs for myself! Several rubbish bags later, I gave up, went to the kitchen and invented food instead:-) Left-over rabbit,bacon, lots of paprika, garlic and onions, a few sprinkles of this, a few sprinkles of that, produced an interestingvariation of goulash...........please don't hate me all you Hungarian friends, I know it's a travesty!
Maybe I'll approach that easel today.

Thursday, October 31, 2002
And still there are people without power......now it's really rant time in Norfolk. The 24/7 company are getting a roasting from the media...........it was virtually impossible to get telephone info. from them during the crisis and even importing a workforce from France didn't get the job done.not yet, anyway.
Here in Holt we have virtual order again although the bank yesterday afternoon couldn't bring up account details. The money machines didn't work either of course.You had to actually enter a bank to get money. Using cash again, instead of plastic was a sobering moment for many as well:-)

A fireman died this morning, lending a macabre note to the wage negotiations.........the strike was only postponed.

I dreamt I was in a school again last night.AAARRRGH!!!! I used to love teaching... then.Now? I don't think so!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
Friends came round last night to take a bath!!!! They don't have electricity yet so beginning to feel a little just a little bit Hmmmmmmm:-) The street was really strange yesterday....light on in the bakers', light off in the glass shop opposite. light on in the insurance agents, light off in the restaurant. Light on in the dress shop, light off in the post office (this was particularly bad for folks wanting to collect their pensions!) Apparently power won't be completely restored until this evening so I'm lucky that mine was back yesterday.It must be a nightmare for the maintenence men who have to cling to those high poles in high winds and thank goodness the firemen held off on their strike....so many accidents to deal with.
Anyway, we drank wine and had a meal last night..........thrown together with a couple of rabbits, some mushrooms and beans and lots of chile sauce:-) Good things happen in disasters too!

I'm hoping to get some laundry done this morning.....hurray for hot water!

Tuesday, October 29, 2002
No firemen's strike after all! Instead gales, rain and no power. Two days without electricity , no heating, no tv, no computer, no lights. For many it meant no hot drinks or hot food either. Fortunately my cooker is gas. As a result of all this, I now have a huge supply of candles, a CD player/radio that runs on batteries and a healthy respect for the inventor of electricity:-)
Yesterday was a panic sort of day. My friends at the bakers were doing a roaring trade in bread, sausage rolls and pies with hot tea and coffee by the bucketful for all the office staffs in the area...........they were the only food suppliers open in the town so the queues were long and ongoing.Most other shops were closed, except the handy-man's shop.he quickly ran out of batteries and candles. The other notable thing was the constant howling of alarms!
Finally at 4pm, Virginia and Stan closed their shop and hauled me off to warm up in front of their gas fire! Then we drove to Cromer where there were lights!!!!!! So weird and unearthly driving past villages in darkness. Petrol stations were equally dark and when we finally saw the street lights of Cromer ahead, we cheered! An excellent Indian meal and several glasses of wine helped to cheer us up even more. I got to bed around 10 and at 2am another alarm woke me but this time there was a glow as well....................My living room light was ON.

So........back to normal and the claim form for the contents of my freezer.........eek!!