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Saturday, November 09, 2002
Two culinary disasters in one mad morning! A cheesecake which didn't set overnight and a banana cake without the necessary soda............AAARGH!
I did get it right in the end but if disasters come in threes, do I dare to enter the kitchen again today??????????
Maybe I'll buy fish and chips for supper, just to be on the safe side.

I now have just two weeks left before I set off once more for Michigan, my daughter's home state. With any luck I'll get the laundry done in time and maybe get the house cleaned too, tho' that's doubtful...I do hate it.

Our newspapers are still full of the royal scandals,'new revelations' etc. Can't say I really care. The Tory party is having a hard time too. Can't say I really care. The Tate Modern is showing mad 'art' again. Can't say I really care.A final resolution for Mr Hussein has been agreed and sent....Mmmm. I can honestly say I really do care about the outcome of that little enterprise.

Friday, November 08, 2002
Painting is finished and approved so that's all right! To be honest, I never thought I'd be able to do this again, paint I mean. An MS diagnosis doesn't exactly fill you with optimism but it seems that my right hand has rebelled and WILL hold on to those brushes! I'm really, really chuffed:-)
The news is a bit depressing...........a warning about poison gas and 'dirty' bombs.........later withdrawn.Now what kind of a mental state do you suppose that creates? Such a secure life we lead these days.

Had a telephone chat with an old college friend last night.......we met up again through friendsreunited and it's great to be in touch again...........how the time collapses when you hear voices from the past...............if we met face to face I guess it would be different.........lines, wrinkles and an expanding girth do change the image somewhat. We were all at Bretton Hall (Art, Music and Drama) so if anyone else from that den of iniquity is looking in, Hi!

A friend flew to Germany on Tuesday...........for the DAY! Flying from Stanstead to Hahn, buying stock in Frankfurt, then back to UK.........amazing!...........wonder if she remembered to wave to you Matthew?

Wednesday, November 06, 2002
It couldn't get darker or rain harder if it tried! What a day.
Yesterday tho' was ok. Only ok because I was suffering somewhat from overindulgence in wine and food. The meal out was excellent.........We were treated to a special feast of bangladeshi home cooking (in a restaurant). Samosas, lamb strips and mango/lime/tamarind sauces, followed by sweet herb and nut naan bread with chile dipped deep fried giant prawn, tandoori chicken with spiced wild rice and a coconut/bayleaf flavoured rice dessert with oranges.....all washed down with a good red wine! Now you know why I was feeling a little bit fragile yesterday:-) The chef had made this meal for us because I will be away when they do the special evening of bangladeshi food.............he really looked after us and clearly took enormous pride in each dish...justified!

I think I'll go on a diet now!

Someone in the street asked me to make a dessert cheesecake for their dinner party tho' so I had to do a trial effort didn't I? So I had to taste it didn't I? Now I have to dispose of the rest somehow today...........I'll make the proper one on Friday:-) Ho Hum it's a tasty life!

Must finish that painting today..........no, this morning.I'm working in the shop this afternoon!

Monday, November 04, 2002
Weeeeellll.I didn't!
Instead, out of all the junk and chaos I created a remarkably sleepable bedroom.for moi! Friends came over and stayed the night.....always better than trying to weave home through dark and wriggly country lanes:-) So I did need that extra bed, especially at 1.30am! For some odd reason I woke at 7.........not enough hours in dreamland so I've made a vain attempt to catch up this afternoon. Going out for dinner this evening so I need to prop up the old eyelids somehow;-)
Meanwhile consternation over the weirdness of the 'royal' trial...........Will we ever know the whole story of why the Queen didn't intervene earlier? I doubt it.
One of my very favourite TV programmes has lost a fan.......Have I Got News For You will NEVER be the same since Angus was fired..............