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Saturday, November 16, 2002
The day changed after I finished this morning's notes. A knock on the door and several hours later finds me churning out game recipe books at a rate of knots and dashing between pages, to do the ironing! Apparently the books have started to sell suddenly(at the butcher's) so Paul wants more. I'm pleased because the profits are going to MS research so maybe I will be able to send off a decent cheque in time! Because I make the books from scratch, it does mean a heap of paper, binding wires and laminating stuff,,,,,,,,,,yes,it's pretty messy up here!

'Heavenly Leakage' (on the radio this morning) Isn't that a lovely term for the stuff we endure almost every day here.........RAIN!
More good news to encourage our faith in the future...........now we have Stealths and F15s in our neighbourhood..as of yesterday. They preface these bits of news with 'preparation for possible war' and at the same time tell us that there is no way our health service could cope with a serious assault..............but 'don't panic'........Right.
Sorry to seem sour but sometimes these things are hard to ignore.
There was good news too, on the money-raising front...........somewhere near 13 million already in the coffers for Children in Need..........once a year everyone from Weathermen to news readers on TV go bonkers and produce a mad, fun show which goes on for hours and money is pledged..........after a week of different projects, the UK manages to find something like £25 million for children with disabilities.
There was fun in the shop yesterday as my boss entered the window...........she is quite a large lady with huge energy and personality but as she wrestled with the lighting system whilst trying to avoid the displayed clothes and jewellery, the air turned slightly 'blue' and the customers were much amused....so were the passers by, I think:-) I tried to persuade her again that selling 'online' was a good idea but she is a bit nervous about the idea. The bagshop man, Dave encouraged her too.he has had a website for 6 months or so and is pleased so far. We'll see.Is the street leaping into the 21st century with style? Weeeelll, more like a sideways crawl:-)
I see the sun..........Wow!
The firemen's strike ended quietly but they will do it again for 8 days this time if they don't get a better pay offer.I saw a placard on the news showing £45 a day...........if that is all they get, then surely they deserve better.

Thursday, November 14, 2002
It's so frustrating being a 'normal' person! Tried to see my friend Dick's web site but get an error message which sticks to the screen like glue no matter what I do.I can see the page behind..tantalising! Now if I were a 'geek'? no doubt I could hit a few buttons, download a few odds and ends, tweak a few bits and pieces and achieve great things.....DARN!
This kind of thing happens to me all the time and poor Matthew keeps fixing things from afar (Germany)and I'm grateful...........but really I just want to kick the computer downstairs:-)
Oh well.....................it's raining again, galeforce wind too so nothing new there then. 3 people died in fires last night but maybe they would've even if there were no strike.Smiling Sadam has said yes so now we can all relax I suppose..........Mmm.
The street was really quiet yesterday. Hardly any shoppers so I had an easy day. When it is quiet, I get creative and rearrange stock, heaving bead-ridden evening frocks to new and exciting positions, slinging golden scarves wildly around sober brown suits etc. but without fail,a more sober colleague will undo all my artistic endeavors today:-))))))))) it's hilarious really.I do think my boss should develop her website and actually use it to sell stuff but she is reluctant...........pity, tho' I do see that there are difficulties, not least, with time.
I think pheasant will be on the menu tonight...........Paul & Simon have lots and they are such good value. I think I have a few dregs of red wine left too so I can make something interesting!Being a chile fan, you can guess it will be 'hot'!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002
A mini blog today.I'm working all day in the shop (dress shop)
An 'internal' investigation at the palace.................sure!
They are auctioning Robbie Williams' autographed car this morning £26,000 so far. £7,000 bid for a trip to Munich to see Santana concert.
It's pouring with heavy rain, floods...of course! Firemen strike tonight,
The fun news is of the unemployed hacker who managed to mess up the pentagon.................no, I know it's not really funny but if he can get in...............!
I did watch a really amazing ballet in the baker's kitchen yesterday...........it's tiny, but simultaneously two people were producing 4 prawn & mayonnaise sandwiches, 2 hot baked potatoes with baked beans, 1 hot Balti pasty (for moi) and trays of hot sausage rolls. Never once did Jo and Steffi collide and they did this in about 3 minutes, packing the goods for takeaway and sending the customers away, smiling. What's more, everything was left spotless.On that gourmet note, ta ta for now:-)Forgot to say as your Mum I disapprove of begging Matthew! (O'Reilly conference)

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Nice picture Matthew!Still feeling cynical but at least we are raising money for children............an auction on the radio this morning raised a bid of £52,000 for a private concert for 30 people by Will Young (Pop Star Idol) so whatever I think of such TV programmes, there is a positive side:-) Well done Mr Young.
Other items auctioned included a day with the Red Arrows, a trip to a Scottish whiskey distillery, a day driving those huge transport trucks around a private track..............every day this week there will be more.all to help children around the world. This is one money-raising effort that I do support......the pennies actually reach the children instead of lining the pockets of the organisers...........ooer. there's that cynic again.
Yesterday Mr Blair helped us all to clarify our minds...............there's trouble but don't panic...........!
The cross chanel ferries are on alert but don't change your travel plans.....Ho Hum, Breaking off here to answer the door....another dessert requested for Friday.now what shall it be?Such vital decisions to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile back in the small warzone I call home, the bedroom/studio/computer room needs airing......oil paint is heady-smelling stuff:-) How I wish someone would give me a shed somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The shops have been quiet this month...........the calm before the storm and frenzy of Christmas shopping. More lights going up.I see we have adopted a more American style of decorations.outlining roofs etc with lots of little white lights.very pretty too.The butchers window is full of pheasant and venison........this is the wild game season
and thoughts of hot toddy and mulled wine fill the mind............well apart from the other stuff I mean.Oh yes, the firemen are striking at 6pm tomorrow........lovely!!

Sunday, November 10, 2002
Happy Birthday Joanna!!!!!

Such a grey day again too....wet, chill and gloomy.
Thought I would map out the street today, as I refer to the shops so often. In a 100 metre stretch there are:an upmarket restaurant/pavement cafe and delicatessen,an antique emporium, greengrocer (Susan and Kevin)art&craft gallery, handbag shop(Dave), shoe shop(expensive Italian etc.) French dress boutique, butchers(Paul and Simon), 2 clothes shops, Indian restaurant, antique shop (brass bedsteads)health food shop(Maureen and Annie), bakers (Virginia and StanSteffi&Jo)children's and adults casualwear shop(Donna) another restaurant and an 'art' glass shop.Oh yes, there is a beauty centre too for manicures, facials etc.
All this and me in my small cottage behind !
Yesterday the lights for Christmas started going up outside the shops.I wish you could see the street on the official lighting up night. All the shops stay open and have free wine, snacks etc. Paul & Simon have a huge barbecue going outside and there is a carousel for the children. A very warm, Victorian style atmosphere.

Another painting is lurking over there, just waiting.........I can see the green&blue beginnings out of the corner of my eye as I type this..........but the light is so dull and grey I'm honestly not tempted:-)
More scandal at the palace............I thought decadence went along with the job in royal domains..........Maybe I was just born a cynic:-)