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Saturday, November 23, 2002
Last blog from the UK.it might be a few days before I catch up so don't go away:-)
Lovely meal last night..about 12 of us. Lots of laughs and some great smooth jazz in the background.It was a 'Carvery' meal so there were huge joints of roast meat to choose from.Mmmm.No chiles though!
On the news this morning it seems desperation has set in........'Who can we blame for the firemen's strike?' 'Let's find a scapegoat' I wonder who it will be? Does it matter? The media is so obsessed lately with the persecution of individuals that they seem to be totally losing all sense of proportion....sorry that's the wrong tense.......have totally lost it! As far as I know, the plane is still taking off tomorrow......hold your breath........
Hoping that the someone who emailed me recently received my reply? Keep in touch.it was a very amusing thought:-) There now, I've got everyone intrigued. Ho hum:-)
I am looking forward to the bookstores in Michigan..........drinking coffee surrounded by books is a very civilised and relaxing thing to do...Love it.
Better stop now and get organised. Early start tomorrow so ta ta for now and see you next week

Friday, November 22, 2002
Packing and blogging more or less simultaneously today...........I perch on the side of the bed to write and throw stuff into the case as I go:-) Clothes are so cheap and fun in the USA, it seems silly to pack any but my case would be all saggy and sad if I didn't.
The firemen are out and the poor army guys are trying to cover, with inadequate equipment and equally inadequate training. Surely the govenment won't let this go on for 8 days? Apparently it's all their fault..............something to do with waking up.............. or not, this morning:-( Anyway it's a mess again.
Now my fingers are firmly crossed that the airport firecrews will wait til I take off before joining in!
I know I have to clean house before I leave.......2 months is a long time.But oh oh, I hate it so.There is a fortune to be made by the person who first solves the nightmare of dust adequately and cheaply. Forget those radio waves and discs and languages......concentrate on dust! A giant hose that came by each week, poked through a window and sucked mightily could be the answer

Thursday, November 21, 2002
I'm not sure what happened to yesterday except it ended with a super evening and an even better chili than usual! After throwing in all manner of flavours, from Jamaican hots to chipotle sauce (homemade) with oregano, cumin and smoky barbecue sauce plus a few others, it turned out ok. We had a cold lemony rice pud after and that tasted quite good after the heat of the chili.I guess that's the last of the chili evenings for this year:-)
Sent off the last of the Christmas parcels but didn't start packing yet.
The Ghent pics are nice....I blew up a few so my elderly eyes could see them better..........didn't spot any Cocoon women tho'...now that's interesting....................!
Heavenly leakage again today and the firemen are due to strike again tomorrow. The retailers here are a bit worried about trade lately.............sales are down and they are hoping for a pre-Christmas miracle. Let's hope all the pretty white lights will encourage folk to spend. I'll find out when I return next year......doesn't that sound strange? next year? oh the time she is a flyin' by.
Watched Virginia making huge mounds of pastry in the kitchen at the bakers yesterday.I had no idea she sold it in batches like that. It seems some ladies actually buy it, make their mincepies for Christmas and serve them as homemade.......Hmmm. Great idea!!!!!!!!!!! Especially as it's such good pastry;-) I took photos.
While we suffer this awful grey wetness, Michigan has seen its first snow so I'm looking forward to that.much prettier! Lots of people have developed the winter sickness known as SAD and I'm not surprised after all these gloomy days.Because my cottage is in town and quite small, the living room is dark during the day when it rains so I'm looking forward to a bit more light at Joanna's.My blogging will be done from Michigan for two months so there will be lots of news to catch up on when I get back to the street in 2003! At least one baby will be born....that I do know:-)

Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Slightly serious thoughts today.........met up with a friend whose children live and work in London........she's worried about them, not only because of the recent terrorist threats. Apparently while we were all concentrating on that aspect of the news a murder occurred in London...........not so extraordinary in a major city you might think but this one happened because one person placed their rubbish bin in the wrong? place! It seems that knife-carrying is becoming normal practice in some areas and last week's episode was the result. Sad times.
I know that we need to just get on with daily life but we Mums are deep-down worried.
On a lighter note....the weekend empty dessert dish just came back and apparently guests were delighted.That's a relief. I thought this one looked just a bit dodgy but it didn't collapse after all:-))
Last night was a surprise.............impulsive friend, Virginia suggested dinner at the Indian.around the corner. It was great and all the better for being spontaneous. Jalfrezi chicken and pilau rice........Mmmmmmm!
This week is definitely food week............I make chile tomorrow night, lunch for Tasha on Thursday and then off to a final celebration/early Christmas dinner out at Dunstan Hall on Friday night with the shop staff........I'd better start the diet when I arrive in America:-)
It's definitely chilly this morning.my neighbour had to clear ice from the windshield. The sun's out tho' so it's a cheerful-looking start..........Hurray!

Monday, November 18, 2002
Well the news is uplifting .........definite threats against the Underground system etc. If I lived in London, would I want to go to work today? 'Don't panic' We won't. Not yet, anyway.
My Game books are almost finished.Hopefully I can get them over to the butchers this morning.I plan an orgy of Christmas shopping later today for the grandkids. It's necessary to do considerable research on this subject now they are growing up because popular stuff here in England, isn't necessarily as beloved in other countries! The trend in Germany is similar for example but there are tiny differences that are really, really important to an eight year old! Hope that the Ghent getogether will go well for everyone.I see that Cocoon (Matthew)will go into a second printing.now that's goodnews:-)
Myra Hindley died ..............I wonder vaguely how much it cost to keep her incarcerated for 30 odd years.no doubt that little nugget will be revealed before long.