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Friday, December 06, 2002
Happy St Nick's Christopher, Victoria and Nicolas! Hope those shoes are overflowing:-)And Happy Travelling Matthew
Interesting day yesterday.........shopped til I dropped and then the cash machine swallowed my debit card!!!!!!But....it did give me the money......strange! Now I have to get a new card expressed from England..why don't they feed those machines so they don't get so desperate??????????
Anyhoo.........it was a fun day and two expressos kept me on my feet:-) Talking of feet, I bought some sensible snow boots so now I can sally forth at will.look out shopping mall!!
Exciting stuff on the Bond movie.......Eric's (son-in-law) firm supplied some robots for the film so they have tickets to view next week..I may get to go too:-)
No dried chipotles to be had yesterday so I need to investigate via the internet. There are jars of chipotles in adobo but they are too heavy to send home:-( Odd how the dried ones are so scarce.
Off to write cards and wrap pressies now..one last question.....why are men's turtle(polo) neck sweaters so much longer than women's? Do they think we are all short?

Thursday, December 05, 2002
One more tidbit..there is a small place not too far from here called Hell.yes, really! Last night on the news:Hell Freezes Over! Literally..........:-)

Change is not always good! I liked the other design better....well you did set this thing up:-) Oh dear, parents, parents.
On to other things...I wonder why we have so much news about the USA on our TVs but there is a mere fraction coming in the other direction? I've thought about this before but it seems to be one of life's little mysteries.
On the other hand American TV is a whole world of delights...it would be entirely possible to be entertained every minute of every day .......so far I've resisted (except for a couple of hours surfing yesterday, but the biographies and History programmes are very good so.....time will tell:-)
In spite of the snow, it's a beautiful day...sparkling and sunny. I'm off on a shopping spree later, to wander the magical aisles at K-Mart or Meiers...........to check out the chile situation..so many varieties to choose from!.Are you drooling yet Matthew?

Wednesday, December 04, 2002
Come to think of it............is it really 28 below? Can't do the calculation........if it's 2 degrees below freezing Fahrenheit and the world turns every 24 hours plus clouds obscure the view, can it be 28 Centigrade?Is number-blindness contagious?

Sorry MatthewI thought I had:-) Is that better?Now how about you answering emails?
Meanwhile it's 28 below freezing and I think that means a day surfing the TV and playing with my most attractive and fun laptop! I'm dreaming of a bedroom without scads of paper, wires, loose loudspeakers and general chaos...........now I can start on the living room instead! What's more I watched a Fawlty Towers DVD on this lovely little screen yesterday and if that aint the height of luxury I don't know what is!!!!
Heard sad news from the street about the Christmas decorations.Vandals wrecked them and there was a big scramble to re-do them in time for the 'switch-on'. Where do these pitiful morons come from I wonder?
Talking of dreams....I woke up after a stroll down a school corridor with Curly Watts (a Coronation Street character on TV) Metomorphosed into a teacher overnight.Now how sad is that?????????????

Tuesday, December 03, 2002
Lots and lots and lots of the white stuff..4-6 inches. 1-2 were forecast so it's good to know weathermen are the same everywhere:-)
An American Oil Change...........a mystical experience! We drove into what looked like a petrol station but there were 3 up&over doors.Inside a team of men were waiting, smiling and 'Oil change Maam?' We stayed in the car as they zipped around, washing the windows, ,'Might want to change the filter Maam' changing the oil and oiling the door latches, checking out the underneath of the car, the tyre pressure etc etc. It all took about 10 minutes, cost around $34 and we were presented with lollipops at the end. The men moved around with practised fluidity and were so very courteous...........Maybe there are such places in the UK Maybe not:-)
I notice that the employees in the stores are really welcoming and full of big smiles but I also notice that service is slower than you might expect and American shoppers are more patient...........I'm learning!

Monday, December 02, 2002
Hello again...I know it's been a while:-) Thanksgiving was wonderful.for those not familiar with the fest, we had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, dressing (stuffing in a casserole) and gravy, with pumkin pie and icecream to follow...........and you wonder why I've been absent!!!
Lovely to see so much snow and feel Christmas approaching. I was in a huge computer store on Saturday and came away with my dream machine.a laptop.Yeah!!! So much more affordable here.Now I'm learning to make delicate moves on a pad instead of scooting around with that frisky mouse thing! Love it.
There's a new shopping mall just down the road and it's a sort of drive-through..even has valet parking so really upmarket. i haven't had chance yet to explore all those shops but I will, I will.Matthew, do you mind having an impoverished bag lady for a Mum?? No, but I do wish you'd remember to add the http: when you put in links :-)