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Friday, December 13, 2002
Really gloomy looking weather this morning....more snow on the way?
Toy shop shopping yesterday with Joanna...............lots of bemused looking Grans and Grandpas, all staring blankly at the shelves or hugging huge boxes of Harry Potter stuff etc.!Such a massive collection of toys.................and it's so very easy to spend lots of money on things that amuse for ten minutes and then litter the place for the next year or more:-) Yes, we all do it but why? I feel I should know better but the stuff is so exotic and enticing these days.............I think maybe the answer is to issue warnings outside.'Entering this store is dangerous for your wallet and state of mind!'
Once upon a very long time ago, we gave our kids bags filled with glue, paper clips, cardboard and string, rubber bands and similar stuff.it was an experiment really but I honestly think they had more fun cutting, tearing and sticking than with many other toys.........could we do the same thing today? I doubt it.we'd be put on the 'mean old, 'orrible scrooge parent list!!!
Had gumbo for the first time yesterday...for lunch and it was Mmmmmm! The cheesy flavoured light as air scones that came with it were also very MMm! Eating out is such an adventure here:-)

Thursday, December 12, 2002
Love this...........who says Computers kill creativity?Thats the most creative thing I've seen in ages.Keep yer old bed Tracey Ermin!!!!
Maybe there is somebody out there who wants us all to meet so badly he will sell his soul and pay for everyone to get wherever Matthew
Quiet day yesterday............baking cookies! Not my usual chile-hot type chocolate cookies but regular all-american chocolate chip type...except that I don't have a lot of patience for teaspoonsful so spread it all in a tin and make 'bars' instead:-)Now I have to resist eating them!
Need to shop today...........yep, a new card is on its way:-) Christmas is a sneeze away so ta-ta for now...........:-)Still looking for those dried chipotles!

Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Happy Birthday Claudia!
James was wonderful.......as ever! He is such a cool Mr Bond:-) I just found the end a tiny bit unimaginative........yes, I know it's picky of me:-)
Before the show we went to visit Eric's workplace where a new robot was being demonstrated.......the robotcoaster! Blackpool take note.....what a ride........the robotarm seats 2 people and whirls them, turns them upside down and swings them around like rag dolls but safely:-)) Amazing!
Seeing a few hundred orange coloured robots lined up in the hanger was quite a sight too.like an army of orange space creatures! Great fun.In the Bond movie, the orange robotic arms trying to laser Jinx were the ones to watch...it seems that colour is vitally important in the robot world.......orange ones are Kuka, other colours belong to other firms. Altogether a super night out! Earlier I took a long walk down to the shops and it was like a summer's day, apart from the snow! I like the smaller shops so didn't try to cross the road to the huge mall.........sometimes smaller is better..........again:-))
Some of my emails aren't arriving at their destination so I've been struggling to fix things and realised just how important this immediate communication has become in my life.........frightening how stressful it is when new technology hiccups. How ever did we survive before...Ho Ho!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Definitely worth a look..........kukaroboticsI'm totally fascinated by the pumpkin peeler:-)Oh she's so shallow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There seems to be a blog missing here but it's on the webpage so I'll just plow ahead! IThe Christmas tree is up and sparkly.Ben helped to decorate and Santa Claus had better hurry up!!!
Some of the house decorations are mind blowing I have to say..........every square inch of brickwork is aglow with rainbow lights and glittery reindeer gallop across the grass pulling sleighs.all dressed in white light. I wonder what children make of multi-Santas because they too are rampant!!! It is like a huge Disney, magical land at this time of year.
And the sunshine.................I had nearly forgotten what it looked like in Norfolk......remember the endless grey days? It has been sunny almost every day since I arrived in Michigan and the snow just makes everything look even better.Definitely smiley weather;-)
I notice an appeal for charity in the newspaper....Donate Cars........Detroit is just an hour away:-) Hmm.
Mr Bond awaits...........tonight is the night for a date with a few robots and Pierce of course:-) Just keep those green eyes closed!
I'll just pop off and get a makeover:-)Now the missing blog has reappeared so all is well with the world!

Monday, December 09, 2002
This is America! Breakfast on the move and apples glass-shiny in the stores............Do they pay someone to polish each and every apple until it looks nailvarnished or are there hidden machines that do that?Honestly they look laquered......and very spectacular. Good enough to eat, in fact:-)
Breakfast is so beguiling......stop off at a coffee shop and pick up a steaming cup of coffee in a non spillable beaker, with a huge blueberry muffin to get you going! I loved sipping away at my cappuchino and admiring the scenery. No need for anyone to arrive at work breakfastless.I know that cars at home are already equipped with holders so it won't be long before we import this very convenient idea.maybe we have already.
Tried to build a snowman yesterday with Ben but the snow won't stick together so we ended up with him chasing me and hurling tiny fistfuls of snow at Gran.............The exercise is surely good for me????????????????Shopping-----I wonder why Campbells Soups only send a limited range to the stores in my neighbourhood? Perhaps London gets more variety? You know it's possible to get tired of mushroom and chicken:-)(in casseroles)
Do I seem to be obsessed with food? There is just so much of it! Surely the supermarkets can't possibvly sell all that fresh produce before its sell by date.and the cakes, breads etc etc.what do they do with it all?Maybe I should just interview a manager!