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Friday, December 20, 2002
Happy Birthday Matthew!!
It's 12.30 so you are probably just stirring...........have a good one!
Little note for Steve............it didn't work dammit! Maybe later:-)........it's awfully late and my eyes are shredded so I won't try to blog more for now. Maybe also later!

Thursday, December 19, 2002
Heavenly leakage of the dismal kind today.rain! Definitely a day to stay home and pack gifts or eat very expensive chocolates or do laundry or eat very expensive chocolates or just eat very expensive chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The grim truth about walking to the shops is............you have to carry the stuff back.......therefore...........you get to buy just a tiny fraction of your greatest desires.Like the toothpaste instead of the dozen donuts. So frustrating but I'm sure cars just encourage spending so let's just ban cars and we'll all be rich!!!
I did manage 2 bags for equal balance but suppose I'd needed an umbrella.............even less spending!

'Barney-cam': a dog's eye view of The White House(really!)..............this news item prompted such lovely visions of the Queen's corgis in Buck House......I leave it to your imaginations!
Oh yes, there is room in today's world for a good belly laugh and this time of year is just right...........I'm tempted to push the idea further with camels in Baghdad but maybe not?

Thank you to my friends in the street for sending the polar bear greeting..it's good to hear everyone is getting into the spirit and having fun over there..............save me some venison Paul& Simon!

Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Classic like an MG you mean Matthew?Can't be bad:-) I'm so cross.wrote a lovely long blog and then promptly lost it all when AOL kindly sent me an odd little message box up in the corner..I hit 'close' and everything vanished into the wilderness! Sometimes I want to thump the computer...or worse!

I like the idea of the conference in Vienna for webloggers but I wonder if other Gran-type people will be there?

Sorry to hear my grandson, Christopher wasn't too cooperative the other night. My solution? Give him another book and close the door!(This only works if he is not screaming, yelling or trying to beat the door down, of course) In that case, a very long hug might do it:-)
Freezing rain in the night might have put paid to my plans to walk down to the shops today. Eric has some chiles in the freezer and I've promised to 'Scotch' them for him with some cream cheese and sausagemeat but I don't fancy skating so I'll take another look at midday and decide whether risking life and limb is a good idea.
Last night on TV: Preview of Lord of the Rings part 2...an hour-long programme with clips and chats with stars, production details etc.totally fascinating. Those set designers/bulders and makeup artists deserve huge applause! The actors too of course:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I see McDonald's is having problems............actually going to pull out of some countries Wow!
There's a photograph in today's paper of an Iraqui sculptor busily producing yet another statue of Saddam....wonder if he gets paid?

Tuesday, December 17, 2002
The project worked out fine and we only spread glitter as far as the bedrooms:-)) Ben's concentration when painting is total and the paint is applied with lip-nibbling accuracy I love to see kids creating stuff!

So much for Royal Mail..............my replacement debit card arrived yesterday.a full week from sending "express"! Do you suppose they 'row' across the Atlantic??

Whisky in my tea has defeated most of the germs now and apart from a little unsteadiness and a permanent grin I feel much better today:-)))) I really think I'm fit enough to shop again......hurray! The Mall is calling!
Eating at restaurants is interesting here................people eat out much more and restaurants are always busy...so....there are queues all the time. You arrive and wait. You don't merrily seek out a table as we do at home. Someone is employed specifically to seat people....similar to a maitre d but friendlier...........there are lots of seats-- or not-- in the waiting area and couples, families etc just wait..often for 10-30 minutes! No-one gets angry or impatient.....I already commented on the patience of Americans.It is really apparent at restaurants. At some places, customers are given a little beeper to carry so that they can go and shop at the nearby stores and the beeper will alert them when a seat is available...extraordinay!And everywhere the huge, wide, welcoming smiles.
Maybe it is all an antidote to the working schedule here.......the hours are long and the holidays few, by comparison with Europe.Only 2 weeks off a year for many folk.Waiting in line does give time for meditation:-))

It's no good. I just simply can't get used to seeeing rifles for sale in a junk mail advertising brochure in the Sunday papers.

Monday, December 16, 2002
Still snuffling but on the mend........went to my favourite shop yesterday...Michaels..........favourite because it is full of my kind of stuff...glue, paint, paper, glitter, etc etc...stacks of it! I'm planning a little project with Ben this afternoon but can't reveal the secret cos his Mum & Dad will see this too:-))
Heard from two friends from the old days at Hahn Elementary School.........brought back many memories! I wonder whatever hapened to our headmaster..he wanted so much to retire to a country place and fish!
Did I mention donuts before? Thought not..............I try to resist but...........American donuts have to be the best on earth (I don't care if they're selling them in the UK now!)
Each time we go to a supermarket there they are, rows and rows of fluffy light filled, empty, iced, chocolate coated, vanilla cream, apple, strawberry...........oh I go weak at the knees...BUT do I buy? No, no no........I have to fight this craving and I do I do!! In addition I have one more word to say about Campbells: Why can't we get Supper Bakes?
I see Matthew's on the move again.........Make sure you're home for Santa, Matthew..

Sunday, December 15, 2002
Sniff sniff, snuffle snuffle............blogging from 'gotta cold' land! I guess somebody sneezed in the Toy Shop:-)
Interesting Office Supplies shop yesterday.shelves of 'snacks' Food is everywhere I swear!
Ben is doing his best to worm his way onto my lap....maybe he should say a few words....ben1234567890000jkk../;;;'lllloiiiuytt5-----there you go....Ben's first blog!!
4 year olds are so definite..'.I'm older now so I need a computer too Gran'.

Imagine if Ben were one of sextuplets!!!!!!!!!!!!!Aaaaargh! We just saw some on TV and their parents must have nerves of steel and the patience of a hundred saints.
Just a short one today ..more tomorrow:-)