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Friday, January 03, 2003
It wasn't half a foot but 4-5 inches..........enough to be pretty, not enough to cancel work! And lo and behold more chipotles...honestly 2003 is already turning out 'pukka'! Ordered 2lbs after locating a website yesterday! My daughter reminds me that chipotles aren't known by everyone so for those of you who haven't yet sampled the delights of the smokey, delicious hot sauce made with these chiles, I urge you to try it....recipe available right here..just email me;-) Just a spoonful in any chile,casserole, spaghetti sauce etc etc will change your life!!!
The cup of tea did win and I stayed home but no movie.Instead made pastry to the heavy beat of Law & Order and NYPD:-)
My good friend Dick sent me this fun address this morning........good to see a website that is 'smiley' Nice one Mr BrodeurYep, he does that too:-))

Thursday, January 02, 2003
Found the chipotles! After scouring the shops since I came, we found packaged dried chipotles yesterday so i grabbed packs and plan to return to grab more........I .would like to buy a kilo or so but can't yet find an internet supplier of bulk.Why chipotles? To make chipotle hot sauce...not available at home but my alltime favourite flavouring for every meat dish.........I use it non-stop;-)) In fact you could call me a chipotle addict!
I hear it has been raining for a week in the UK and pretty yukky.....hope you get some of the white stuff soon to brighten the view.We don't have a scrap today but half a foot is forecast for tonight!!!!!!!!!!!
The Sales are on with a vengeance...........60% off and more....so tempting but how would I cart it all home? Already my suitcase will be bulging dangerously. I do have one ambition tho'. I WILL learn to wear blue jeans...........proper ones I mean and don't fall about splitting your sides!.......you can giggle but I have never yet found any that sit right or let me bend without dire consequencies:-) The other ambition is to find a beat up black fedora type hat to replace my deceased one!
Not a lot to ask is it?
I may or may not take a stroll down to the Mall today but on the whole I think a cup of tea and afternoon movie might just be too alluring!

Wednesday, January 01, 2003
A great start.............breakfast at noon after making gallons of 'dinosaur' soup in bed this morning! Yep, Ben dropped in for some culinary fun;-)
I have finally learned to appreciate pancakes with syrup and scrambled eggs with cheese and ham on the same plate at the same time` thanks to my daughter! She really does make the best scrambled eggs:-)
We all survived the excesses of last night and I've decided that White Russians are perfect for lining the tum against all other invasions such as red wine, vodka, and champagne:-) No sign of a hangover so make a note!
We plan to do absolutely nix this afternoon and gently play, watch TV...........Live From Baghdad.....really good and Stuart Little 11.Ben's new favourite after Ice Age:-)
Apparently Tony Blair has made gloomy predictions for 2003............I have to say it has been so good to be away from UK news for a while...being an ostrich temporarily can be extremely good for the soul,at least when it comes to politics:-)
It's that Shawshank moment again..."Get busy living or get busy dying" I'm off now to live with the dinosaurs!

Last word from the old year.........after a couple of White Russians and a glass of wine.....and it's still only 8.10!!!
Found out today about brown bags (ben says happy new year.he just leapt onto my lap!)
Apparently in the US it is not legal to have a bottle of spirit in open view...in some states they are stricter than others so when you buy it from a 'liquor Store' they brown bag it................and to think i always assumed that the winos in films who clutched their bottle in a brown bag were ashamed or something...............nope! It seems a bit like the Victorians covering the legs of the furniture..........in other words, if you can't see it, it aint there! My last lesson for 2002.
I know that in much of the world 2003 has already dawned so by the time we get there, you will all be asleep. Sweet dreams all of you and wake up to a happy and above all, peaceful New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2002
Happy Slide into 2003 to everyone! Especially Matthew & family somewhere in the German Wilderness, Elaine & Ron, Virginia and Stan, Maureen & Roger and everyone in the street and and and and loads of other friends.in fact THE WORLD!

Monday, December 30, 2002
Phew! As they say...........a whole week of happenings and no blogging.here's the list: Lunch at Alcatraz (cafe with murderers on the walls, a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge and bars at the windows.oh yes, great Quesadillas too:-))))Shopping, shopping, shopping, wrapping, wrapping, wrapping, Journey to Kalamazoo, the home of my son-in-law's parents,Magical Christmas Eve with snowflakes falling in abundance and log fires and oh just a perfect setting. Jan and Bill have built on a new room with high ceiling and lots of windows looking out on the most amazing view..trees, deertracks etc. It was truly beautiful and we did exactly what families everywhere do.......lazed, ate great food and tramped around in deep snow.Ben's face when he saw what Santa had delivered was a picture! I thought it couldn't get better but The Lord of the Rings part 2 added the icing on the cake......Joanna, Eric and I went to see it on Friday and it is a 'must'....sheer escapism of the grandest sort.We loved it.amazement from start to finish. Heavenly Delight deserves a mention too...........have you tried it? Jan makes this wicked dessert and I am a total addict. Can't get the Cool Whip at home so I indulge mightily here! For some reason this confection of cottage cheese, fruit and CW etc knocks me out. I just can't leave it alone. Maybe the Kalamazoo air adds that magical something???

So this week starts the diet regime.....who am I kidding?