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Saturday, January 11, 2003
Ben wants to blog.and who am I to deny him?this is benjamin blogging. I am 4 years old and happy to meet you:-)At which point he goes......to eat!
Snow again and big flakes.I dream of being stranded ,as many years ago we were, in a very small bungalow in Berkshire;-)I did see rain yesterday.maybe the second time since I arrived...friends at home, stop gnashing your teeth!
An interesting absence of windowcleaners here..of course the windows are screened so I guess it would be a bit difficult............Apparently you just hose them down,the windows I mean:-)
More later..............................

Friday, January 10, 2003
Sorry about that Joanna! I got the link wrong! I'm so bad at that.......hope this one is correct:-)

I didn't actually 'tower' over you Joanna!!!! Welcome:-)
Kids really do exaggerate about their parents don't they? Eric and I concealed those baseball bats very well I thought.
Now to B&N...........5 wonderful hours in paradise! I browsed, I found bargains, I curled on the floor to reach the lower shelves, I curled again...in an armchair and read, I drank espresso and munched cookies, I trawled the aisles in the company of similarly obsessed souls and -----we never looked up----------. Can there be a better way to spend an afternoon? (I hear the howls!)
Finally, having worked out that I can clean offices when I get back, I handed over my credit card with confidence and walked out a richer woman!
I now own even more cookbooks, the spoken word of Scott Adams, horror by the bucketful, courtesy of Dean Koontz (I'm an addict!) and a sampling of paperbacks you wouldn't believe! Ben was thrilled with even more dinosaurs and altogether my cup runneth over.
A tiny disappointment lay in wait in the computer section.................hardly anything written for simple brains such as my own--------even the Dummy series don't do it for me. Could it have something to do with the authors being of the masculine gender on the who
le? That Mars and Venus business y'know? Or---------it could just be mymind that works on a somewhat obscure lateral plain?
I now expect to be flooded with suggestions of great computer books written by women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!probably cries of outrage by those very same women!
I see more snow falling so I think I need to curl up yet again and read today...............Yeah!!

Thursday, January 09, 2003
A slight disturbance distracted me yesterday.in the car park of the supermarketso I never made it to the coffee shop The sight of 3 police cars, lights twirling and flashing plus 4 young painted hair people (purple and green stripes, burgundy and yellow streaks!) and 5 or so policemen taking statements etc. with that very American rakish attitude, hand on hip/holster kind of way, was enough to glue me to the spot for quite a while! From overheard comments I gathered that the kids had smashed into a police vehicle......not a wise thing to do:-)
I noticed again how friendly passers-by are here.....not that you see many when you take a walk! Maybe the novelty of seeing another idiot actually walking to the shops brings out a sort of wild cameraderie:-)
It's a big day today............Barnes and Noble (bookstore) for the afternoon. I love this place Lots and lots and lots of books,old and new, expensive and bargain basement, great music department and lots of overstuffed chairs to sink in and read and read and read, plus a coffee shop and magazine section............it is heaven on earth I swear!!The only snag is my weight allowance on the flight home.........I can't buy nearly as many books as I want so I have to make serious choices: is it thin enough, light enough, small enough/ Can I
squeeze one more into my carry-on bag? Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 08, 2003
The sauce was made and the card trick solved................so humiliating isn't it!
Wonderful sunny weather, perfect for walking and my cheeks are rosy...I think I'll go and do that again:-) This area is so peaceful...even the highway is only medium wide so the traffic isn't intrusive at all. I might make the coffee shop this afternoon.......they are so welcoming with sofas easy chairs and books. Civilised living for sure. The cookies are giant sized too so you can linger over one with ease:-)
Ben loves the chocolate crackers and eats one with very tiny bites, turning it so that it diminishes equally on all sides..........talk about savouring every morsel:-)
Real Estate prices are interesting here.it's fun to compare with my town: also the terms used ie:'great room'----the main living room...somehow it has a medieval sound doesn't it? A 'ranch' is a bungalow to us and 'cathedral ceilings' are exactly how they sound.very high!
Pricewise...a large brick 'ranch' with 'huge' kitchen, large great room, formal dining room,3bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, finished basement, double garage and large garden is for sale today at $189,854 fairly typical of the ads in the local paper About 118,500 British pounds I think. I don't doubt for a second that that figure would almost double where I live!
Still don't see very much news from UK or Europe generally so I depend on AOL for the latest............after so many weeks away, I feel much more familiar with shootings in Detroit than any major story across the pond!

Tuesday, January 07, 2003
That ESP page is extraordinary.thanks for the link MatthewThe whole website looks fascinating.I plan to take a closer look this afternoon but the experiment definitely worked and amazed!
Tears in the eyes sort of day today.I'm making chipotle sauce at last.found some empty jars last night so that pan will be bubbling and the fumes from the chiles and garlic will be filling the air...hence the tears;-)
Saw A Beautiful Mind the other night and was genuinely surprised........Russel Crowe is really good isn't he? What a naive little thing I am, believing all those nasty stories about him and not even seeing him act once!! Foolish woman..maybe I should even try Gladiator now!
I do hear you sighing...honestly:-)
It's great being here for many reasons but one is definitely catching up on movies.I go to the cinema so seldom at home and it is like a moveable feast here.on TV too.
Matthew was talking about language and I want to put in a pennyworth about TV actors.....the British ones I mean who use an American accent and fail miserably............there aren't many but do stop it!! Having said that, I know that when I get home there will be folk who think I am American too and I would probably be embarrassed if I could hear myself.
Better put the chiles on so sob, sob, sniffle sniffle til tomorrow:-)

Monday, January 06, 2003
It's a snowy day in Michigan...........again! Heavenly leakage all over the place last night and a fresh white world this morning.On the surface anyway.Yesterday's news was simply black.
I'm waiting patiently for my friends in the UK to start blogging.Are you listening Ron & Elaine?I'll lend you the book when I get home:-)
Incidentally, Matthew's photo inside the cover, is much more flattering! I'm not too sure that I actually like convict hairdos.
The newspaper is full of food today...........at least 10 recipes for easy, fruity, potatoey,delicious after party snacks etc etc. A Monday morning feast in fact and no use at all to us gluttons who overate at Christmas and are desperate for instant inch removal:-)
A friend commented recently about the size of the kids at a football game......."Are they getting bigger?" No, he didn't mean fatter;-) To be truthful I was beginning to think I was shrinking with age..and maybe I am but not that much! I have a theory that they are being born smarter too. My 4 year old, grandsons, one here and one in Germany both have extraordinary mounds of knowledge and vocabulary, not to mention self-awareness and confidence............Hmmn.........diet? TV? Scary? Yes!

Remember I mentioned Joanna's scrambled eggs? Well after last night, we can add rotisseried pork to the list of culinary achievements...delicious! Before she hits me with a pan lid I should add that the list is very very long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if she had a blog page I could make a link right there couldn't I.Believe me, I plan to spread the word:-)

Sunday, January 05, 2003
Sampled my first Indian meal this side of the Atlantic last night and having helped Joanna to order, I was devastated when I saw the meal..........Help!!! Every dish was twice the size of our UK version..............Seriously, do Americans have a second stomach hidden away somewhere? Even the Naan breads were about a foot and a half long! I had suggested a couple of extras like lentil Dhal and onion Bhajis so the fridge is now overflowing with leftovers! It was all very tasty tho':-)
I've managed to read a few chapters of my new Blogger book..........Biz Stone'sbook and like it a lot! I have a few ideas already;-) Thank you, thank you Mr Stone for a thoroughly readable book!

We were in a huge emporium yesterday and there was one of those spectacle dispensers..you know, where the glasses are really inexpensive and you can try them..............does anyone else agree I wonder, that going to a specialist can end up being a very expensive business and that there is an evil plan to encourage us to change our glasses every 2 years by selling us lenses that just very slightly worsen our eyesight over time? Oh I know, I know, that is a slanderous and thoroughly objectionable thing to suggest but when I find that I actually focus and see better when I remove my one year old, very expensive varifocal tinted, bendable, all dancing, all singing glasses...................just a thought!
Are there no bounds to my cynicism? Probably not!