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Friday, January 17, 2003
How about a ring of bloggers from a small village in England? A friend there just received her very first email and is soooooooooooo excited! I'm doing my best to rope her and others into the blogging world. After all, things can be very interesting in small English villages:-)))))))I know because I lived there for six or so years heh heh heh!
Off to lunch and the movies today..........All You Can Eat Shrimp and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Sometimes, my lovely daughterhas great ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did risk frostbite yesterday to walk to the stores...........it's well below freezing here. And the walk was great.....thereComing back was a bit dodgy tho'. There are occasions when my legs do their own thing and yesterday was one of those times so I resembled a somewhat elderly, drunken baglady as I weaved my way home! It's an MS symptom but I doubt many passing drivers were aware of that so if you do see folk walking a strangely illogical path,do not, do not,make hasty judgements. Keeping our eyes fixed firmly on the ground is helpful but only if there are no trees in the way!!!!!!!!

I forgot to relate the food wonders of Sam's store.We went there a little while ago. Not only do you get to buy stuff there, you also get a free meal! On the corner of nearly every aisle there is someone cooking! yep.they have a little portable hotplate and stand. I sampled Jambalaya, Barbecued wings, Fried chicken and cookies................I could have had lots of other stuff too but modesty prevailed:-) Now I mention this because I'm coming home soon and it's just a big hint to my local Budgens store...................yeah, right!

Thursday, January 16, 2003
Hurray for chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So glad to know the EU courts have made a decision................now how much did that little skirmish cost I wonder? Sometimes I really do want to rant How many people sat in how many rooms, wasting how much breath and drinking how many cups of tea (or was it schnapps?) ,typing up how many pages of drivel, printing out how many sheets of said drivel, using how much printing ink, paper and paper clips to convey to the European Union that UK chocolate is legal??????????????????????????????????????????????????????At whose expense?


I suppose I should be grateful for total trivia in the face of the rest of today's news.................murder, mayhem and impending war.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Oh No! Joanna in charge of a bonsai tree? Does her boss really know her I wonder:-)
As for his Stevieness..well, what a handsome guy.............and that smile....................(swoon)
Now to the serious stuff.It snowed again!

The Toads were duly put in their Holes but cos they were American Toads, they wouldn't stay there so they sort of lounged in the batter with nonchalent ease!The flavour wasn't bad though and the batter did rise and bulge with satisfying exuberance;-)

Kmartso sorry this store is having such a hard time............I for one, will sadly miss those aisle wandering trips when I come to Michigan..one of their stores is just by a bookshop I enjoy and popping into Kmart for an hour was always a pleasure...plus I found some great bargains there!

The news here is full of carsAfter all it is the Auto Show in Detroit and we are in Michigan!So many new automobiles.even a four wheel ' motorbike' with a top speed of 400mph..........oh yes, we really need one of those:-)).I think it is time to start serious re-cycling...of all the old and abandoned cars.......maybe a sculptor should be employed.

The balloon lives!

Tuesday, January 14, 2003
Sometimes words fail me! A young woman loses both legs after being pinned to a wall by a drunk driver...he gets 3-5 years, she gets a lifetime.The details are worse still but this is not the place...................it seems the victims here get roughly the same kind of justice they get at home and we keep on calling it 'justice'!

There was a haunting in the house last night. On December 4th Ben got a helium filled, Winnie the Pooh & Tigger balloon on his birthday and ever since it has been floating with a long string in the living room, slowly deflating, and being played with, until last night. Bereft now of its string, it was carried upstairs to Ben's bedroom and allowed to gently float around in there, carried up and down by the air currents from the heating system.A little while later it appeared downstairs, drifting past the kitchen doorway at floor level, on its way to the living room.We laughed and vaguely wondered how it had negotiated one left hand turn, the stairs, then one right hand turn on its journey. Then we ignored it. About 15 minutes later(during the commercials) we noticed it had disappeared and thought it had finally died behind the sofa----------------------but no.The strangely misshapen and stringless balloon had gone.....totally vanished.
To cut a long and eerie story short, when I went upstairs to my bedroom, there it was, lurking on the floor, swaying gently behind the bed! To get there it had to leave the living room..........quietly, negotiate the study,ascend the stairs, turn right, right again, cross the bedroom floor to the far side of the bed and then stop. It is sitting now,by the kitchen counter, held in place by a book but tonight........????????????
So next time you give one of those fun balloons as a gift,................................................................................................ be very afraid

I'm contemplating Toad in the Hole for supper....... Eric is skeptical and who can blame him:-) Every now and then I inflict a UK special on him and I have to say he is brave, very brave;-))) The Toads are sausages and the Hole is in the batter so it is a culinary artistic and creative endeavor, especially if I add just a tinge of chipotle sauce:-)

Monday, January 13, 2003
Happy first day back Matthew!No the rosy, shiny cheeks are not the result of too much wine, nor late midlife crisis.............I now see that a Michigan cold spell can be deceptive! Yesterday was so pretty outside and I felt like a quick round the block sort of walk so off I went, merrily saying " It's not a bit cold out here...really nice!" I enjoyed the walk..say 20 minutes, although it was a tiny bit windy coming back and I pulled up my scarf. So far, so good. Later in the evening my cheeks felt hot. Today they are still hot----and red, and shiny and I've used a gallon of moisturiser already...AAAARGH! That will teach me to ignore my daughter's warning!
Now it's very pretty today too............sunny and a little bit of snow on the ground but I just checked the weather news and it's 23 degrees out there....windchill 10. If freezing point is 32 in Fahrenheit land, I think I'll stay home:-)

Donut holesNow whoever thought of that? Or those? For the uninitiated, they are very small and covered in powdered sugar.Think of the centre of a doughnut(European spelling now...S'trewth, I'm so versatile:-) Now consider the millions of little middles being flung into the wasteland by those doughnut cutting machines........."Eureka!" cries some clever someone and donut holes are born!

Two weeks to go and big decisions to make......which books/chiles/doughnuts:-)/Christmas gifts/more books/great, inexpensive clothes/ can I fit/possibly cram, into my suitcaseand how can I smuggle Benjamin home???????????The time has flown..as always, and Coronation Street awaits(I was born in Manchester and that's my excuse!) Did you know there is an omnibus edition every Sunday morning here? Hard to believe isn't it?