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Friday, January 24, 2003
I think I'm the only one who got a good night's sleep.Poor Ben was sick.....it started at 10 last night and went on through the night so there is an exhausted little boy sleeping now upstairs, his Mum beside him and the washing machine is working overtime! Eric had to go to work so he will probably crash when he gets home again! Hopefully Ben's tum will quickly recover from whatever disagreed with him yesterday.

We have more snow falling this morning Paused there for an Instant Chat with an old friend;-) Funny how they pop up from time to time.

I guess this will be my last blog from Michigan so keep fingers crossed that the airport doesn't get snowed in on Sunday and that Benjamin is feeling much better.

Monday sees the UN inspectors' report so fingers crossed for that too. I did read and absorb as much news as I could on the subject but I still haven't reached any conclusion.........too many ifs and buts and the consequencies of either decision far-reaching to say the very least.

Thursday, January 23, 2003
Thanks Matthew.I'll certainly look again when I get home.UpMyStreet seems a great idea.

I know Hamburg will be as terrific as it was to a certain art student in '57!!!!!!!!!!!What a city! Thanks to my amazing children and their spouses, I revisited on my birthday a couple of years ago and the memories flooded back, to the point that the whole experience was a rosy cloud;-))Except for 'blackened chicken'!! Now that couldn't be ignored:-)
There are some special places that carry with them an air of optimism and joy.......it crackles through the streets..Hamburg will always be such a place in my memory.

Ok now I'm getting all misty-eyed..........enough of the nostalgia!

Two of the biggest Shepherd's Pies I have ever seen have just gone into Joanna's oven...........I mean seriously BIG:-)These are for her work colleagues and it's good to know that something so traditional at home in the UK has fans here in Michigan:-) Now Toad in the Hole..........................:-)) No,no,no, I'm not serious,honest!

I did hear from general foods BTW and they have put me in touch with their UK department so maybe I can do a bit of persuading today. In fact I think I'll give them a call right now...so much for that...no connection!Oh well.

The petrol prices here at the moment are quite 'interesting': regular unleaded: $1.449 a gallon (no metric here, sorry!) Now what do you think about a bucket chain across the Atlantic.maybe the dolphins could help!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
Sorry, sorry, sorry to all the Raymond fans!!! Of course It's Evererybody Loves Raymond not just me:-)))
I did get to the shops yesterday, thanks to an enormous pashmina swathed around my face.....I looked a lot like Lawrence of Arabia I daresay but I came home frostbiteless! With the sun shining, it doesn't seem so bad out there but it's deceptive folks...........perrrretty cold!

Now what's that stuff they call rain?

I have to describe Tuna Helper for my European friends...I couldn't resist it yesterday.had to try it. In the box is a packet of twisty noodles and a packet of sauce mix. That's all. You throw it in a big pan with water, milk, butter and 2 tins of tuna (drained). Simmer about 10 minutes and wow! It even tastes good:-) Something else I wish I could find at home:-( I don't often cook packet stuff but this is really exceptional in the flavour department and even better with a leeeeetle bit of chipotle sauce stirred in! I looked at the Betty Crocker website and found some good recipes too.

Simon Cowell was as expected tho' gentler in his delivery of contempt! UK recipients were cut down with a sharper knife! But honestly, where are some of these wannabes coming from? 'Bad' becomes a much less descriptive word in the face of sheer 'awfulness'!We need to expand the dictionary.

I went on a lovely trip yesterday, courtesy of virtual travel through the laptop.to Manchester, city of my birth (UK) Sat in a tram and took a look around. I left when I was 21 so some time ago:-) and haven't been back. Some streets were familiar and I was so glad the tramdriver had to use wipers..Manchester just wouldn't be the same without rain:-)But I must confess, I didn't really recognise a lot. One of my best remembered places had been erased by terrorist bombs and rebuilt so totally new and strange. I might take another look one of these days.Maybe I'll visit Barnsley/Leeds/Bretton next:-)

I plan to stay home today and try to get into the news ie; watch and read all the comments, news flashes etc and try hard to make some sense of world affairs..it is easy to pretend to be unaware but it's time to do a bit of work and understand what all those men are trying to achieve.(I feel the bricks you're hurling, gentlemen)

Tuesday, January 21, 2003
UK News:The firefighters do it again! Once more the soldiers get to use the Green Goddesses in the fight against Flame....s'trewth, it sounds like a comic strip! If only!

Yep, Joannait's time to start getting messy again:-) Our poor children, having to survive the parental evil eye;-)) and for so long! Of course, they are unaware of our own war zone bedrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!and bombsite kitchens!!!!

It will be interesting to see Simon Cowell doing his nasty act here after seeing Pop Idol at home last year. His shirt now makes a statement, as well as the trousers I see....just the gold medallion was missing last night;-)I'm looking forward to seeing him in action tonight on TV.......briefly!

I know there are some programmes I will definitely miss when I get home.............Law and Order, I Love Raymond,CSI .There are more, especially the sitcoms...so funny and my fingers are crossed that one or two will make their way across The Pond to my little 4 chanel TV.After all, if The Simpsons can make it, and Malcolm in the Middle, surely.........................................

I did send an email to General Foods (I think) about Bisquik but no reply as yet.(sigh) It would be absolutely typical for someone to say " Oh we've already got those at Budgens.didn't you notice?"when I get home!And once more I will feel a complete nutter! Maybe I'll just stuff in a couple of packs in my case, to make sure:-))

Below freezing still but also sunny.Mmm, I might just risk a constitutional this morning!

Monday, January 20, 2003
I can't believe I did that....wrote a long blog and then promptly lost it when I tried to get to a website.oh never mind!
I had wittered on about the Golden Globe Awards and how some actors have great presence...Donald Sutherland for one. I nominated: Halle Berry for classiest and most beautiful, Meryl Streep for most natural and Jeff Goldblum for man who didn't seem to know where he was! Plus the most pitiful outfit....worn by some presenter...a ballet tutu with sandals!
I also mentioned that some younger stars have remarkably similar features, skull shapes to other, older actors who are totally unrelated..strange!
I thought too that a couple of hours of show biz trivia is no bad thing in the face of impending war and chaos!.

The cold and snow are still here and I am packing books to send home at some exorbitant rate of postage...I paid $35 for a box to go on Saturday! It is worth it just to save space for more chiles:-)
Ben's use of the word 'tomorrow' is interesting i think. 'Gran is leaving but she is coming back tomorrow'' I'll clean my teeth tomorrow''I'm four years old but I'll be five tomorrow.' 'No, I don't want some peas but I'll have some tomorrow'
Children are so great..when one word can cover the whole of the future.....

The website I foolishly tried to find was to do with Bisquik..........it appeared on UK supermarket shelves some time ago and now I want to make sure we don't miss out on the packs of Bisquik Complete! I am a Red Lobster restaurant fan, largely because of the wonderful hot rolls and now Bisquik have packaged the mix but if they don't send it across the Atlantic I will be forced to leave all my clothes behind to make room in my case !

Sunday, January 19, 2003
Well the movie was disappointing....sorry..just wasn't nearly as hilarious as expected. But I guess if you come out of the cinema with a smile, that's ok too. All You Can Eat shrimp was a great lunch but i wished my stomach was bigger....even bigger! They were wonderful but one helping was definitely enough! i've never eaten so many fishy morsels:-)
Yesterday was a quick visit to sams again but curiously, all the food samples didn't tempt us.........could that be because we had consumed an enormous breakfast of hash browns, eggs over easy, corned beef hash and pancakes...oh yes, toast too! That's the food ration for today!

It's desperately cold outside...yesterday was even worse because of the wind.Keeping warm makes you lazy..so much easier to curl up on the couch with a cup nof tea.

I have company.ben is here so a quick word ............he would rather paint but that's hard on a keyboard.............here I am again! I want to paint but Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn says no way! (and you can see why!)
I guess I'm not going to win this game....more tomorrow!