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Friday, January 31, 2003
Bit of a laugh those temperatures in England. I read a lot of caustic comment this morning about -2 causing chaos! It's so true and it shouldn't happen. I do remember driving through ice storms and 20 below to get to work each morning in Germany many years ago so total wimps we ain't, it's the lack of planning! Sometimes I wonder how we Brits survive at all but ........................we do:-)
Now I'm wondering if I'll be getting home on Monday? Not againTell me the airports will be open.pleeeeese!

It costs 100 B pounds to change an airline ticket so if I have to do it again on Sunday, I'll be heading for bankruptcy!Interesting to note that you are only insured if you get a doctor's note.Doctors' housecalls are unheard of here so it would mean crawling to the surgery carrying a portable loo if the stomach virus is the culprit. 'Go when you're better' said the friendly travel helpline person. And buya sicknote/ from a doctor who doesn't know you from Adam and has no way of knowing if you were really sick? Yeah, right!

It's a Boy!Congratulations to Donna back home. A new little resident in the street..hurray!

Thursday, January 30, 2003
I hardly ever do this....2 in one day!
SnowNow what was that about rain? Heard this morning it's snowing in Norfolk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest thing I've learned here..........how to relax. Walking home from the shops, looking like a trogladyte (sp?) and not caring a whit! Oh it's truly grand:-))) I can honestly say I've never been so laid back in my life..if you are familiar with Hyacinth Bucket (British TV character) then you know what I'm talking about............oh yes, she is ridiculous but there's an awful lot of truth there....I've heard it, seen it and laugh uneasily.

Do they know what they're getting? Joanna has Matthew for a brother and me for a Mum. Enough said!

Just me and Ben and the Jigsaw Puzzles for a few days this week so today the house is very, very quiet:-) I am feeling frustrated yet again about computers and my brain....a friend sent an email with 'stuff' that translated itself into another of those Mime files and so...no joy! Can't open them. Doesn't happen often but when it does I hammer walls.

Hoping to venture out into daylight today..still a white world out there.............will I recognise my homeland when I get there? Will it recognise me?
2 months of unread mail waiting and 2 months of gossip and 2 months older..Ouch! Will I recognise my dinky little washing machine? Fridge?Cooker? How am I going to survive without Meatloaf? (no, not you sir!) And whatabout 'Cheezits'?

And can I re-learn enough German to be ready for my grandchildren in March? Am I approaching chaos yet again? And is the world?

So many unknowns.

Monday, January 27, 2003
Surprise surprise! Not blogging from UK...............Postponed for a week cos we were all sick in the end and I do mean sick! Still feeling very fragile but at least keeping tea down...hurray! Have to say that was a rough weekend indeed. Hopefully next Sunday will be take-off day:-)