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Saturday, February 08, 2003
Hi - this is Ron blogging for the first time from Norfolk at Jacquie's pad ! just had a wonderful American meal of jambalaya, chile washed down with California red wine - must come here again!!
Hi its my turn now - Elaine - first time on a lap top - wow its quite exciting. We've kept up with Jacquie's blogging and now I'm actually having a go!!!! We're enjoying the alcohol and the company, the food's already been mentioned but we're keeping the whereabouts a big secret, I'm off to get my pud now and catch up with Jacquie's news that's not been printed on her blog.

What can I say............After the softening up with food and wine, now to the real business of the night.to persuade those two to start a page:-)

Results tomorrow!

Blogging late today.i plan to get my friends to say a few words after dinner.....of course we have jambalaya, chile and red wine waiting so i don't guarantee anything:-)

Friday, February 07, 2003
This is my third time of trying since 6.30........Web page is showing yesterday's blog but not today's. Are they overloaded I wonder?

What a stroke of luck! Waking again at the unearthly hour of 4am and cursing jetlag once more, bitterly, I tuned in to BBC World Service and heard about a book website .sounded interesting so I staggered over to the computer and took a look..........bookcrossing Great idea and very appealing to a booklover/traveller like myself...............I am going to get labelled up and start spreading the word right away. I have lovely visions of my books finding their way into all sorts of places.........the whole thing really tickles my fancy so do take a look and Joanna and Matthewyou'll like it!

Meanwhile it is still only 6.24 and already I feel like I've been here all day:-(
I listened to a lament for the lack of shepherds in France, a lament for Herr Schroeder, a lament for George and Tony and an ongoing lament for Michael Jackson..........I think 'that documentary'.was shown in the States last night so the comments there should be interesting:-)
American pop Idol 2 is starting here so I get to see the lovely Simon and those awful contestants yet again (You really think I'm going to be so cruel to myself?????) Still no Law and Order tho' (Maybe I just don't have the right TV....I only get 4 channels:-)

I'm helping out in the shop later today and then off round the corner for an Indian meal........I will take note of the size of the portions, remembering that Take Away meal in Michigan. lay your bets now but I'm sure they will be half the size!

Wonder if there's any coffee left....................................................

Thursday, February 06, 2003
Just thought I'd mention: Amazon rate the reading level of your book recommendation, 9-12 Matthew Are they wrong or? That was USA Amazon so maybe I'll take a look at UK rating later:-)
If anyone takes up the challenge and arrives on my doorstep with huge dollops of technological knowhow, I will put on my pinny and cook.............I will even make take-away:-)))))) That's a promise! Chili and Game are specialities of the house.

Jetlag has struck.woke up this morning at 4, hungry and wondering why it was dark! The trick will be staying awake again til tonight. Out for lunch with a friend today so hopefully I don't doze off into the soup!

It seems all this talk of possible conflict is affecting shopping habits....food etc still disappearing off the shelves , while clothes and extras stay put.......not good for trade I fear. I don't know about everyone else but I was not swayed one way or the other by Colin yesterday. Such uncertainty ain't good.

I see the dawn has dawned so I might just get up now (I mean dressed!). There is a strong possibility that I might attach my little Connectix camera to the laptop today.just to see if I can:-) Fingers crossed Eric!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003
I knew it was going to be a good day! Went into the butchers and Paul handed me a packet of money! .........allthe game cookbooks sold out.a week after I left! Totally shocked and happy!
So I'm celebrating tonight with a Pheasant in red chili & tomato sauce and a glass of vino!!!!!!! More books are needed so I guess I'll be busy tomorrow. The best part is that I'll finally have enough to send off a cheque for MS research and feel the chaotic side of me is worthwhile:-))(Remember how the bedroom was looking more and more like a disaster area!)

MatthewI like the penguins! You do know there is no such thing as a coincidence! Be very nervous about those birds:-)

NYPD Blue...Yeah! By the biggest piece of luck I checked the TV guide after Pretty Woman...it was late: 11.45, I was tired but midnight is my bedtime so maybe a 10 minute comedy show or something ? There it was, waiting for it's greatest fan.........Andy, and Dianne and and and ...oh I love that show:-) So I was late to bed..so...???

The laptop, she works! Guess what all you AOL technician type chaps? It was the telephone connector, not the computer! And I did tell you there was no dial up sound! AAAAARRRRRGH! So sorry though that I didn't get to meet the beta team:-)
So now to that very connector.or rather the little telephone box/jack on the wall. What is the purpose of that wickedly vicious and mysterious trapdoor that whips down the second you pull out the plug? Is it meant to drive you mad as you search for the opening you know is there someplace? Is there a radiation hazard I should know about? Did Houdini design it? Why does it do that? Why don't electrical sockets have those? Can anybody enlighten me? Does anybody but me care? Or.....am I not allowed to know cos I'm a woman?
Less wind howling this morning and the sun is shining..........still snuffling but less so maybe it's going to be a great day, at least on the street:-)

I may blog again later....now that I am a 2 computer family! Oh the ecstasy!

Tuesday, February 04, 2003
Home again after troublefree flights..........except.......I have a head cold and I can't begin to describe the pressure agony on landing.............Ouch! and Ouch again!
Then the weather..........now I know why friends were moaning. It's not so much the actual temperature, it's the wind! ouch again..I'm not kidding, it's cruel. Also grey, a colour that was absent from the palette while I was in Michigan. It's 2pm now and dark gray! But ..............it was good to see the TV news (good is comparative) and catch up, so to speak...I watched the evening TV programmes in a daze, determined not to go to sleep, in an attempt to avoid jetlag..we'll see:-)
Thank goodness for lovely friends....and I do mean Virginia! Not only looking after my house and sorting my mail for 2 months but bringing hot potato and leek soup today!!!!!!!!!! One in a million!

I've been trying to get my laptop hooked up and it's promising so far but I have aol 8 installed and there is a problem with dial-up. I think it will be ok but I need to call the 'beta' team tonight apparently. They only work from 7-9 for some odd reason! Heigh-ho, it's a rum old world.

I keep looking for things in the wrong place! That comes from being away for so long.The fridge has moved, and it's smaller. Where's the dryer? Are the plates in thatcupboard? What's a wardrobe?
But I do have a long bathtub and I just lay in it for an hour.............Oh does that feel good! Showers are fine but you can't beat a long hot soak:-))

I miss my American family, especially Ben:-) Keep blogging Joanna !

I await with trepidation, Mr Powell's report tomorrow.

Sunday, February 02, 2003
Sad day yesterday for America.............awful end for those brave astronauts.I have met one of the scientists at NASA (an uncle of Eric's) and I know how thoroughly involved they are there. It must have been a dreadful shock.

Travelling home tonight so I'm squeezing last minute stuff in the case and preparing for a sleepless night.never can sleep on planes!Let's hope they have a good movie to keep me going!
Talking of good movies,Chicago Saw it on Friday and WOW! Pure entertainment and great acting from start to finish.......Go see it!
Time to unplug so ta ta from Michigan:-)