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Saturday, February 15, 2003
Good news from the Game cookbook front........delivered another six yesterday..........Sold by evening and more needed! Hurray!!

Out for lunch today............Mexican chicken on ciabatta ( a bit odd really)....................Hmmmn, have they heard of chiles I wonder? Talk about bland. The bread was good:-) I'm thinking of trying rabbit fajitas tonight just for the heck of it!

After yesterday's Blix report I guess we are all in limbo again. Talk about mental stress. Can we sue them?

Haven't been too successful in hooking up my cam. But then again I only tried once and when I discovered the plug thing didn't fit in the back, I gave up. It seems to have one or two too many pins or something. I'll try again maybe tomorrow:-)
I have a bed in bits upstairs..I may just try to put that together again tomorrow also! I'm really not very good at this kind of stuff;-)

Friday, February 14, 2003
I read the Spiegel article and hope the New York Times ad. brings some comfort to my American/German relatives/friends. This is not the time to quarrel. Terrorists must be smiling. I expect they are pretty happy about the chaos at Gatwick too.More people detained in Berkshire under the Heathrow flight path as well.I am relieved that my flight home was last week.

Meanwhile life goes on and there is to be a delivery to the shop this morning. I'm helping to unpack and then making chipotle sauce, lots of it!!! Made yours yet Matthew?

Happy Valentine's Day to friends everywhere.....it's supposed to be a day of romance and love. Here in the street, it includes fun and games so watch out!

Joanna and Matthew on Survivor? Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2003
Re: Tanks at Heathrow.......Cynicism aside, I'm feeling distinctly uneasy today. It's almost as if we are holding our breath and waiting for disaster. TV debates don't clarify anything really because there are no concrete facts.....I realise there is stuff we can't be told but this seems to be happening at a convenient time for the advocates of war...then there's the survival instinct.........but is there any point in buying bottled water? Is it a good idea to ignore the news...in fact to stop listening/looking at the latest reports, especially if CNN make a habit of misplacing whole countries:-) I can still raise a smile about that little nugget.

Living in Gt. Britain, with an American son-in-law and a German daughter-in-law, is a slightly schizophrenic place to be. My opinions are obviously coloured by mixed experiences, including the faintest of memories of a flaming skyline and loud bangs. No doubt Ben is right to say that was a long time ago and of no relevance but we can't avoid those imprinted sensations you know. I was born in '39 so a very ancient soul indeed!

In spite of all that, there's a party going on! At least there will be on Sunday lunchtime when we meet in the indian restaurant for a celebration..the refurbishment of the baker's shop/ Virginia's place/ the dairy/deli. Knowing the folk who will be there, it should be fun! Mind you, Sunday afternoon might be lost in the mists of wine and curry:-)

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Yeah! I did get a telephone call.from Brunel UniversityThey have a Multiple Sclerosis research unit collating info. from people who actually have it..so guess who gets my money??Also they didn't sneer at the small amount of money involved. Nice lady that Lorraine. So if you ever feel like donating.even a few pennies, remember who gets my vote:-))

I'm on a soup mission this morning thanks to sad eyed Paul yesterday............can't resist that begging! A bag of oxtail clinched the plea so my house is smelling really good today! That's actually not so good for a vegetarian friend coming to lunch so I'd better open the windows now!

Tanks at Heathrow..........now there's a photo opportunity.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Of course it would be easy to send off a cheque to the big MS organisation here, Mat..the one that produces a fancy magazine etc but I want my money to go directly to research.to buy a few test tubes or petri dishes:-) That's the problem! I never do choose the easy route somehow!

Saw the conclusion of The Second Coming last night and wasn't disappointed. It's coming out on a BBC video/DVD soon so it might be one to buy. Extraordinary drama.

I like the photo opportunity idea at the BBC too.........look forward to viewing a 'scoop' from Paderborn:-)

Printing yet more books to raise yet more pennies for non-responsive MS research units today....Am I truly out of my mind? Maybe the general world chaos is affecting my judgement these days.I see they are stepping up security at Heathrow this morning and talking about the collapse of NATO..........

Monday, February 10, 2003
I had no idea it was so hard to give away money! Having raised my little sum through the cookbooks, I needed an address/name to send off the cheque..Ho Ho Ho, I've been trying most of the day and still don't have anything concrete. 'Someone' will call me back!
Apparently donating money is a complicated business. But I will do it if it kills me:-) (hope you note the irony)

Interesting and controversial drama on ITV last night...The Second Coming.....2nd part tonight. Great acting and a novel twist to miracles: Lighting up Main Road Football ground with a pillar of light in the middle of the night.......now who thought of that I wonder? Christopher Eccleston is extraordinary...but then I've thought that before...........and with cheekbones like that! This is a very risky and thought-provoking drama which, no doubt, will cause folk to write enraged letters to the Times etc.

It's pretty quiet today so I'm trawling through the house, with a large garbage bag
, once more attempting to create space! I should live in a warehouse really:-)

Sunday, February 09, 2003
No hangover! Now there's a surprise:-) Such a great evening, ending up with deep,dark philosophising about life:-) You know the kind of thing...........wise opinions expressed with all the veracity that lies in the glass! Now if only we could remember that wisdom the morning after:-)

Ranting about the cost of ink cartridges............Is this an ongoing rip-off? Will those manufacturers/suppliers ever take pity on us?
I don't suppose they will as long as they can hold us to ransom.

Lovely, lovely rain! Not so lovely for my poor car sitting out there, feeling neglected.I must write that advert this week. Time to say ta ta car and let it get a bit of tender loving care from someone. I think I have needed it about three times in the last twelve months so.....................:-)) I'm not too optimistic though as it's a left-hand drive and this is England!