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Thursday, February 20, 2003
Happy walk to the bank this morning, clutching an insurance cheque in my little hot hand! They finally paid up for the contents of my freezer, lost in a power cut last October! it wasn't a large cheque but at least enough that I can now stock up on chicken nuggets and icecream for the grandkids when they come in April:-)
It's a beautiful sunny, crisp day and in spite of the slightest of hangovers, I'm busy in the kitchen again..............Zwiebelkuchen and banana custard (would you believe!) Requests, both of them and fun to make.
Friends have bought a cottage just around the corner and I get to do the tour this afternoon and have tea. It's in a great position and I'm looking forward to seeing how they've renovated etc. I'm a great fan of old properties and there are plenty of them right here in town.

My friend in new Hampshire emailed some photos of the snow this morning...I knew they had had a lot but seeing it makes it real (isn't that a quote from somewhere?)

Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Out and about this morning...came home with pockets stuffed with.....you've guessed it...food! 'You've got to try this Jacquie' Hmmn. Now what was I talking about yesterday? I do, I do:-))

Chili on the stove...........friends over tonight. If I make it in the morning it can sit and improve! Chili is such friendly food.You can throw in all kinds of extra spices etc and it just keeps on getting better.

Gestures: I caught the end of a programme on TV as I ate lunch.......two men making over a house to improve its sale price. I was intrigued by their extravagent gestures and thought idly about such a programme without sound! First the hands clutching each other in a Scroogelike way .Then the right arm flung wide, then the left, then both to the ceiling, hands flipped sideways in horror.........it just went on and on..each mirroring the other--fascinating and sort of pitiful really.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Lovely sunny day but pretty chilly out there. I'm involved in printing books today but was diverted when I saw the venison sausages over at the butcher's. Stripping off the skins and making meatballs stuffed with cheddar cheese is not something I need to do today. But then again...............................so I came home with 2lbs of them!
Decided to add a page to the Game cookbook; the recipe for Seasoning because it's just too much trouble to start bagging up the mixture I concocted:-) The good news is that customers have started to bring in their own recipes to discuss with Paul and Simon so it might mean a bigger and better version of the book. We'll see. Living here, it's just impossible to avoid getting involved in food somehow so gaining a 'few' pounds is inevitable and anyway I look better that way..................I do, I do!!!!!!

Small emergency at the shop this morning-----I responded to the call but couldn't solve the problem: the credit card machine was being petulant and in spite of the 'sorry' messages, it just kept on declining the poor customer's card. AAAAARGH! I hate those hiccups because inevitably the customer is embarrassed through no fault of their own, or ours. Anyway this time a written cheque ended the dilemma.

I'm a bit sad because Dilbert's 'Weasel' tapes didn't amuse my friends as much as I had thought I honestly thought they would be rolling about but that just goes to show the diversity of humour and responses thereto. Bad judgement on my part but a good lesson;-)
When I think of it, there are not many writers/cartoonists etc who make me laugh out loud but when it happens, it's a great feeling don't you think?

Monday, February 17, 2003
Took a quick look at the Guardian's awards for blogs..didn't know they gave any...and it's ,money! Gosh I'd better think up something cute:-)

Forgot to mention I got the date wrong for the 'party'! Typically I didn't read the date...yep, I do need a keeper:-) The shindig actually takes place at the beginning of next month (sigh)

But...........I did put all the bits together and have a bed! haven't put my full weight on it yet but......I just know it will be perfect.

I picked up the Webuser magazine yesterday and for 99p it's excellent value. Lots of websites etc to investigate and lots of tips etc, all in language I can understand....hurray!
Shortcut for simple souls? I wish there were a way to link without remembering the address! I do realise I'm wishing for the impossible but there's no harm in dreaming is there?
Enjoy your trip Mat, Hope the food's good!

Sunday, February 16, 2003
'The Marchers are doing Saddam's Work for him' Headline in today's Telegraph:Page 22 is worth a read to understand a different point of view from that of the marchers.

'Chuckling at work at least five times a day will help to increase efficiency'.............Skills course for Bosch and Mercedes executives.
'Stop taking hand-held computer games into meetings' Staff at JP Morgan bank ordered to behave:-)
'Lie detector test for workers who report in sick' Car factory in Luton!

They start to charge 5 pounds a day to drive in London as of tomorrow: the so-called 'Congestion Tax' Of the 5, 2 will go to pay the new workforce needed to administer/collect the cash! The mind boggles as to how they will collect the money...........I have visions of lots of little men in black suits and bowlers, chasing lots of cars down lots of streets..ho hum, in the midst of chaos, chaos reigns.