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Thursday, February 27, 2003
How weird..yesterday my blog vanished into thin air and today it reappears here but not on the actual blog page! So I'm a day out:-)
Today was going to be more straightforward........and it was, until this afternoon when a friend appeared at the door sporting a large black eye and shedding tears like a waterfall.
No, not a case of battered wife...........just a sad story of arriving at a holiday hotel and tripping on the pathway..............hospital and the end of a 4 day getaway..............Some hours and loads of TLC later, I'm exhausted and awash with other folks' problems. Ho hum, tomorrow has to be better:-)

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Pity about the pizzabut with a husband/dad like you.....................................:-) Hope the idea doesn't catch on though.
I had a nasty feeling there would be repercussions of the unexpected kind. You see, those ministers just don't think!

It's been a Phew! kind of day. Started with a surprise trip to the cash & carry store............The only bulk purchases I made were butter and toilet paper............still thinking ahead optimistically you see:-)Oh well, I did buy a quite large box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates too............for my friends, for my friends!

Lots of cooking, unpacking (at the shop..I only called in to take Sheila a taste of venison!) and cutting of paper for the book, plus I'm having another go with the camera connection so gotta go.................

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Those West Wing quotes are a good read and a good laugh! We have it here too and I do take a personal interest for obvious reasons! Has the 'awful truth' come out yet in Deutschland I wonder?

Listening to the news this morning I started to wonder whether our leaders have any idea or even care about the wellbeing of the people.........weeks and weeks of negotiation, false alarms, more negotiation/ inspections/deadlines/threats/rhetoric/lies/suspicions etc etc etc etc ad nauseum attack the spirit and mental state of everyone concerned.......and I do mean we ordinary, powerless souls who are fed a daily diet of political manoevering. At this point, who cares if the conservatives are brawling in the backyard at the same time?Y'know they are paid to
chat. We are not paid to worry.

On that sour note I'm going to pause and do some laundry:-)

Monday, February 24, 2003
Thank goodness for Viking If I haven't mentioned them before, I should have. The paper arrived this morning as ordered and I can honestly say they are the most efficient, polite, helpful company I have known. If they can do it, why not others? Thery are offering ink cartridges this week at great prices so that will be the next order and I can guarantee it will be here the next day......so good to be positive:-)
If I tend to overdo it, forgive me. Without them I couldn't make the books.all the equipment came from there. One last thing...if anything arrives and is less than perfect, they replace it in a flash without question.

Ok I've finished now.

Not quite................why can't their managers run the health service, say? Or the transport system?

A new pastry arrived at the baker's this morning.....'You've got to try it Jacquie' Home I came with my warm trial pastry..............Very, very tasty and very very bad for me. You do see don't you that none of this surplus poundage is my fault:-)
I too topped up my supply of Chipotles in Adobe yesterday.My recipe is only slightly different and you can keep the sauce for 12 months or more...it's powerful stuff.

Sunday, February 23, 2003
I've been in an 'unblogging' mood the last day or so.............maybe the weather, maybe the sad farewell to my car, maybe the clearing out of yet another pile of stuff...you know how you start on a box, find an old photo or something and end up surrounded by memorabilia and sitting in the middle of memories. This time it was way way back in '68 as we started the adventure of selling up and going to live near the sea, in Devon. We were totally optimistic about painting and sculpting for a living, knowing fame and fortune were just around the corner. The kids were small and unaware that their parents were irresponsible dreamers! We all enjoyed that year I think but then it was back to the real world and 'proper' jobs:-) Ho hum, the sixties were great weren't they!

Meanwhile the paper ran out and so did the last lot of books so the publishing department here has a holiday today and I'm going to indulge in an orgy of the Sunday papers. only reading the good news.
P.S. As you see, Matthew and Joanna both survived! miracles do happen:-)