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Saturday, March 08, 2003
Taking a blogging holiday for a few days.Back next week.I now have the 17th fixed so firmly in the nether regions of my mind that when I sit in front of the screen, there is simply 'no flow':-(

Wednesday, March 05, 2003
More 'planes overhead this morning..Living where I do, it's quite hard to ignore the preparations for war and I wish I lived in the wilds of Scotland sometimes, or at least somewhere away from air bases. Last night on a 'chat' show, we were being advised to keep a set of clothes packed in plastic so we can hastily change should there be a chemical/bio attack! There was more advice of a similar nature from a rather casual expert! 'Well of course we should all be doing this that or the other'......meanwhile who takes care of living? If I seem somewhat irate or paranoid, please make allowances.

If we get any customers in the shop this afternoon I will be surprised. On the other hand this stiff upper lip thing is in evidence so you never know:-)

Thank goodness for Bridget Jones! I hadn't seen it so trundled round to the library yesterday and took out the video.............now that movie did make me smile and was an excellent substitute for the news! I should do that more often. A long chat with an antique dealer friend in the afternoon also helped moodwise. She has the most exquisite Edwardian clothes and jewellery. Just walking in the shop is a tonic. The painting I did of her looks good nestling amongst starched lace and linens!

Tuesday, March 04, 2003
That Scottish schoolgirl Matthew mentioned, is practising an age-old skill but it's just a tiny bit more sinister:-) I'm surely not the only oldie who spoke 'backtalk' as a kid to confuse the parents? Don't all children develop a 'secret language'? Maybe not:-)
The thing is-----this looks a lot more permanent and a lot less innocent somehow. Do we now train teachers to speak/read it? Come to think of it, most of the new ones probably use it too!
Talking of language, every morning I feel humble......truly. On the radio I hear folk from every land making an excellent job of speaking English.................it's amazing, especially when I think about our leaders. I wonder how many languages they have mastered? How many do you speak? How many of us even try? I know that English is obviously useful but it's also difficult. Applause to those who are so fluent!

It's raining here today and rather grey. A day to paint the bedroom wall orange maybe..........such a cheerful colour!

Monday, March 03, 2003
Just when I was relaxing.............the B52's arrived and the news got black again. It was a lovely. fun weekend and not watching the news was a good idea I thought. Sadly I relented tonight and now wish I hadn't. The blackbird nesting in the ivy outside is unaware of world events.I watched it carrying food back there over and over again.other birds were singing and whistling away in the sunshine...yes, really..Spring has arrived with the bombers.

Sunday, March 02, 2003
Back from a great lunch with eight other friends.......lots of good Indian food and lots of laughs too! On top of an evening with friends (2-30am to bed!) I think we can safely say the rest of the weekend will be tame by comparison!
So good to forget the real world for an hour or two.

I think the entire family has been in culinary wonderland this weekend with Joanna entertaining the most......20 at the last count:-)

It looks as though the camera thing won't work after all.I'm missing a port it seems.......makes me feel like a ship! I wonder who coined that term? Someone from Plymouth....or NASA maybe.
In case it's not obvious, I'm ignoring the news/media just now. Taking a break from bad news:-)