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Saturday, March 15, 2003
'ham sandwich and wireless internet connection to go please' london sandwich bar teams up with wireless firm Broadscape page 11.Eat and blog sounds good to me:-)
Didn't do the quesadillas after all...instead new invention: venison sausagemeat roll with feta, baked and sliced then quick fried in slices...............now that's Mmmm. Glad I thought of that!!
What about a bloggers' feast Matthew? We could do French Toast with Chiles:-)

Is there such a thing as a day too beautiful to blog? If there is, this is it...................The sun is shining, birds are singing, a breeze is blowing and I need new trousers......a perfect day to shop, walk, make quesadillas, do the laundry and clean house (just kidding!)
Comic relief raised 35 million and there is lots more to come from all around the country so they are hoping to top 50. It's good to know some of the street children in Africa might get help soon.And it's good to know that most of us actually care!

Meanwhile more pictures of troops, planes, desert windstorms and troubled 'suits'.

27 million pounds so far and it's 12.20am.....................this blogger has to go to bed but just wanted to record the amount raised at this point. Mr Clinton joined in too.Hope Germany does equally well with their comic relief day..............y'know it makes a lot more sense than waiting for war.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
So French Toast has become Freedom Toast at the White House : CNN
My immediate reaction: Do French knickers become.....................................? Yes you've guessed it!

Hurray for McDonalds and Germany! Matthew says they're doing red nose day there too..........it's a wonderful way to raise money so let's hope the idea catches on with other 'Member States'! Now wouldn't that be something? Wow, do you think we could actually agree about something? hey, we might be able to get the US on board too. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Should I pay 200 pounds for a change of say two degrees in one eye? Should I pay said amount for a trip to Florence, a weekend at a spa, a supply of gin, a therapist? cast your votes now!

AOL has abandoned my computer upstairs for whatever reason.................'if this message is repeated, you need to reinstall AOL software'..now what's that all about? Do I still have the software...........well maybe, buried under piles of paper, books,notes and string. This kind of thing causes stress and I don't need it AOL!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Pre-bankruptcy blog: I have to get new glasses! For the eyes. Nearly all the people I know have found the inexpensive reading glasses on sale everywhere, just fine so they pay out a tenner and bob's yer uncle! Not me. I know I blogged about this a few months ago in America but it's just the same here in the UK. Prescribed new glasses are not cheap.My eyesight is not that bad ............but it falls somewhere between the regular scaled numbers, plus one is different from the other so there you have it..penury!
Discovered a sad fact this morning.............toys are not always what they seem. I wish manufacturers would make it crystal clear that other items are required to make this one work! I think I've learned my lesson now but not before sending various parcels off to grandchildren in the ignorant supposition that they would be great gifts. Oh woe, being a gran ain't easy;-)

On the food front I am somewhat overwhelmed with a huge sauerbraten soaking in marinade in the fridge, a couple of pounds of venison also sitting in the fridge (You'll think of something Jacquie) said Paul! and sausagemeat in the freezer temporarily, waiting to be filled with cheese, onions, chiles etc. Question is, where shall I begin? Maybe I should arrange a decadent party or something:-)

Good luck to Eric, Isobel's husband..due for a by-pass today.................we're thinking of you both.

The 'planes keep flying and the news ain't good but it's red nose week here and that is good news for many many children in the world. On TV there are fun things going on and even the Time on the telephone has a new twist this week..........dial 123 to find out who is doing the time check!
Lots and lots of money is raised each year and TV stars give their time voluntarily to a big bash on Friday night which finishes up the week of fund-raising. Red noses are on sale everywhere (except my town for some reason) and in the midst of doom and gloom good stuff is going on.