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Friday, March 21, 2003
Three people have dinner and split the bill equally between them. The bill is $30 ie $10 each. The waiter takes the money.At the till he is told he has overcharged by $5. He then puts $2 in his pocket and returns $1 each to the customers. Thus the3 customers have spent $9 each. 3x9 is $27
Where is the missing dollar?????
Just to break the tension!

Incredibly grey and gloomy this morning.Not just the weather. The war casts its shadow and we are all concerned for the future.
Yesterday I got up, heard the news, glanced at the calendar and hurried round to the shops to buy a card which I wrote and posted in double-quick time, thinking that yet again I had nearly missed a family anniversary. Knowing my daughter and husband were going away for the weekend (to celebrate I thought) I telephoned with good wishes last night. You know, of course, the rest of the story. my cryptic calendar note read"Jo & Eric away..wedding". Not only had I put that note on the wrong weekend anyway, but it was someone else's wedding and no anniversary...........they celebrate at the end of May actually!
My mind is in emotional turmoil really and there will be other mistakes, no doubt. I'm working every day in the shop this week and it's a good thing. Otherwise I keep thinking about the mess we've made of the world.

Last night they said it really was Saddam making that TV broadcast soon after the first attack...............did anyone else find that hard to believe? Painting portraits requires a real interest in heads and somehow that head seemed wrong! Oh well, probably just me.

hoping against hope that this will soon be over and hoping too that Europe can mend the rifts afterwards. Yes, a mess is what it all is.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
This mornng's news....2 explosive devices found in a flat near Gatwick. In this case the surprise is that the men arrested are Portuguese!

Apparently Tony was a hit in parliament yesterday.I do believe he believes passionately that this is the right path to follow. Many don't.

I'm so grateful to a longstanding 'cyberfriend' Dick, who sent me a long string of beer-drinking jokes and made me laugh out loud! he deals in toys, robots, Mickey Mouse, etc. on ebay so maybe that's the reason he knows how to raise a smile:-) We have been friends for years now and never met but I count him and his family amongst my closest friends.Wish I could make the direct link to him work but failing that, 'Dick Brodeur' or 'vintage toys' should find him there:-)

I'm at work in the shop again today so it will be interesting to hear other people's reactions to the coming horror. Yesterday it seemed as 'though spending money was some kind of solace to women ..............'comfort spending'.......for me it's 'comfort eating' I'm afraid.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
All kinds of nasty thoughts today..........parliament in chaos, rats and sinking ships, dwarf like MPs defending their moral principles...please!!! New (or old) mortal enemies through the tunnel, aftermath....what kind of a target are we now? The satisfied smiles on the face of one dictator as he surveys the mayhem..............which escape tunnel will he scuttle down?
Huge sympathy for the soldiers and their families directly involved.

Sunday, March 16, 2003
Happy Birthday Nicolas.....4 today!

Now this is worth a visit.........every hour on the hour! Thankyou all those who pointed in Kevin's direction.

Just took an extraordinary walk around my town. Why extraordinary? It is full.......of people, and yet only two or three shops are open on Sundays.The atmosphere is 'holidays'! Families with children,window shopping. Smiling and laughing in the sunshine ...everywhere..and I did tour the back streets too.
Curiously there was a whole pack of playing cards strewn in one street..in a large circle, some face up, some face down. It didn't look accidental.
In the paper shop an irate father was muttering threats at his son...'I've already told you, 2pounds 99 is 3 pounds!' Then louder: 'I told you! Now you're beginning to annoy me!' It then dawned on me that Sunday morning with the children means a visit to the toy store/paper shop where many 'happy' hours can pass as Dad reads the magazines and junior attempts to find a toy for 2 pounds.or maybe 3!!!!!!!!!That Dad was not alone. There were at least 3 groups of kids desperately searching for a magical bargain to appear for the miserly sum doled out by the parent. Quite a clever idea really:-)

I still feel buoyed by all that good humour so I'm going to eat lunch and go for another wander.............let's soak up a bit more of that optimism.