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Friday, March 28, 2003
The aid ship arrived then.....words fail me.....truly!

I have decided to lose all those extra war pounds. Today's the day when I re-invent the wheel:-)In other words, not content with all those miracle diets, groups, etc out there, I have decided to design my own. I'm just not a 'group' kind of person. Also I just can't help meddling.
So tonight I get a garlic/potato/ parmesan gratin (courtesy of the internet) and pigeon fillets baked in foil with cajun seasoning and homemade chipotle sauce (courtesy of a wild mind!) I have tons of fruit to nibble on.like grapes which I plan to eat one at a time during the evening. I gave away the chocolate chip cookies (Paul was well- pleased!) and I've weighed and measured and have recorded everything on the computer so heigho for a new slimline version of moi! I will report progress if there should happen to be any:-)
Meanwhile I will just breathe deeply whenever stress assails me and think pure and beautiful thoughts.

Thursday, March 27, 2003
And still the cables decorate my living room.so calling might not be the wisest thing you ever do! Plus, re-installing aol on the computer upstairs seems to have wiped a few things downstairs..not desperate but AARGH!!!
I'm so much better at chocolate chip cookies;-)
I will rest tonight and maybe the elves will take care of everything.

Sometimes my children are so 'cool' it drives me crazy!

Apart from that, people are still dying out there, and I'm deep down sad.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Applause, balloons, cheers, champagne!!!!!!!!!!!! Against all the odds I triumph! The printer works!!!!!!!!!!
Now I'm terrified of unplugging anything so there are cables everywhere and my living room looks like a scene from the X files!

I plan to stay much calmer today...sorry for the outburst!
Hoping to get my 'ancient' 320 printer to communicate with the laptop..................I hear the roars of derision from my family at the very idea! They all know just how technologically competent I am!
Undeterred, I have purchased the cable so now have an umbilical cord between the two and I have printed a test page!!!!!!!!!
Now for the big test. Can I persuade my Satellite to make friends? We'll see. Progress report tomorrow. Or even earlier if disaster strikes:-)

I have become a regular at the library now, borrowing videos to avoid TV.......in other words, I re-visit The Matrix, About a Boy and any other escapist movie I can find. I also eat chocolate.................but that's another story!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
I like the 'embedded' T-shirt.........where can we get one? Get busy Mat
I also like Russell's but embedded is the way I feel...........empathy with the reporters:-)

Big row with British gas today....their quarterly bill which arrived yesterday is almost double the normal amount....................YET I was away for 2 months during this quarter! The gasman came.....checked the meter readings...correct. Checked the meter............fine! I rang BG........after 15 minutes wrangling they could do no more than say there were only 2 reasons for the increase. 1. the meter is damaged. 2. I left the heating on. No to the first. Yes to the second but only on the lowest setting as usual (I go away often). Could they suggest anything else................maybe a supervisor could.........I was put on hold for 8 minutes................... In the end, almost screaming aloud, I put the phone down. It is, and will remain a mystery how my house could consume double the gas while the occupant was away! Did I have squatters? Who knows. What I do know is that I have cancelled my direct debit arrangement with BG and will look for another supplier!

Hell yes! Let's buy Iraq!

Monday, March 24, 2003
Curiously no-one is talking about the war today.....Out and about this morning and not a single word. In fact it seems like a deliberate attempt to avoid the subject at all costs. Are we being ostriches again? Or is the news just too bad to acknowledge?

Sunday, March 23, 2003
Matthew is going to puke over 'embedded'. I'm going to do the same over TV news presenters who bully their correspondents, demanding more and more action! They seem to take a ghoulish delight in it. So do the so-called 'military' experts excitedly explaining strategy etc. Is it only us ordinary folk who see the whole situation as a tragedy? By all means keep us informed but let's also respect the souls who are dying. This isn't a new TV drama production y'know.

I'm staining woodwork today..actually I started just 'touching up' in the bathroom but it just sort of 'growed'.......now it will take several days to finish:-) probably a good thing really..............keeps the mind on more mundane things.