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Saturday, April 05, 2003
Just bought a yam...no not one of the small sweet potato things, a proper foot long veg. about 3 inches in diameter, sort of grey in colour. I haven't a clue how to cook it yet but I think some experimentation is called for:-)
Last night was Indian and you're right, my diet is on holdLOL.
We planned a sort of party last night............it will be a snacks and chili affair and butchers, bakers and good friends can come and relax after work. Needless to say it does mean a shopping spree first.I think a preserving pan full of chili should be just about right.
Paul won the grand total of 12 pounds today.He picked the winner of the Grand National! Yeah that's right, 12.for a 20 stake.Hmmmm, I think Vegas has no worries when Paul decides to visit!

Thursday, April 03, 2003
SARS in Germany? Here they are advising folk not to travel to Hong Kong, meanwhile allowing dunno how many planes from there to land.....funny old world.Identification of this bug seems to be taking an inordinately long time . Maybe it's time to invest in a firm manufacturing masks rather than mobiles Mat!
'They seek him here, they seek him there' If you were he, would you be there? Monsters can also be smart.
I feel tension rising again as we near the climax of this war. There is a huge question mark hanging over the possible length of this final encounter and no-one is laying any bets.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Spare a thought for the medics out there in Iraq.........At the Front with the Devil Docs Some good straightforward reporting in this issue.

Sunday, March 30, 2003
Happy 'big' birthday Dick! See how I didn't give it away:-)

Curious apathy developing towards the war I notice...........customers in the shop yesterday barely mentioning it in spite of the TV coverage of the coffins coming home. The anticipatory nervousness of last week has dissolved and it is almost as if we are already fed up about the whole thing. TV has had the horrible effect of numbing our sensibilites to the point of no return. Can it be that people are actually bored with the whole thing? If that is the case, the future looks bleak indeed.

The garlic mash was not exciting (too sweet) so that one flies through the window on my quest for interesting food. However, at the grave risk of boring the pant off everyone, I have discovered the joys of quark mixed with apricots and sauerbraten with baked potato..and why not?????
Result: 3lbs down! Who's sneering now?

Instead of dealing with the living room I started inadvertently cleaning the kitchen this morning.....it all started when i looked for a tie for the rubbish bag (they collect tomorrow) in the drawer of odds and ends....do you have one of those too? The one where you have spare batteries, matches, needles, sticking plasters, cold cures, odd masonry nails, gift tags from Christmas, gold string stuff, phial of glitter, bottle stoppers,fabric dye, tape measure, mobile phone with charger cable, handy paper shredder, superglue.............on and on...........no, that's really not all that I found! I wondered vaguely how I managed to fill a fairly normal sized kitchen drawer with such an amazing variety
of stuff. Actually I'm a past master;-) Having sorted that one, I feel tired, so cable-nightmare has to wait til tomorrow!