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Saturday, April 12, 2003
And today folks, sun, warmth and blue skies. People eating and drinking outside..pavement cafe style. Yes we do have a couple of those. It was like a summer's day out there!
Indoors it was more like Hell's kitchen! I made a big batch of Buffalo Wings and if I don't get them into the freezer in doublequick time, they will disappear fast! Great recipe so thankyou the anonymous someone who posted it on the internet:-)

It seems to be a time of coincidences just lately so The CelestineProphecy was discussed at length last night, over fish and chips and wine. We agreed that the storyline is pitiful but the underlying ideas are interesting and applicable to our lives. Then this afternoon yet another coincidence........it turned out that a colleague/friend at the shop had actually worked in the retirement home where my father had been.She had taken him his Horlicks drink every night! It all came out because she showed me a newspaper front-page article about a lady who had been his friend there and whom she and I both know!..............I won't labour the point but it was all quite odd.

Thursday, April 10, 2003
Sleet and snow and chilly.........just right for the start of the tourist season here! A bobby on the beat in town today...now that's unusual. maybe there was an important 'somebody' visiting us..........occasionally a celebrity arrives in town and there is a buzz but I missed it today.probably because I was out of town a lot of the time, shopping......again;-)

Off yams forever!! Even chilesauce didn't do it.

As the statues and the images are destroyed in Baghdad,there is unease. What comes next? Where is 'His Awfulness'? Who's going to be in charge? What about the neighbours? Good to see a few smiling faces over there 'though.Let's hope for peace.

Odd things happening to the computer over the last day or two.........slow, slow send for email and lots of annoying 'pop-ups' in the middle of everything...do I have to pay to get rid of them I wonder? AAAARRRRGH!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003
Stefano has some good things to say...worth reading even if it makes you sad.
I'm totally shattered tonight after a hectic afternoon in the shop! Glad to know my flooded family in the USA are more rested after a night in a hotel. Black ice..........Brrr! Not funny.
The yams are being invaded by chiles tonight so if I am absent tomorrow, you'll know why!
Glad to hear that Churchill agreed with me.'If in doubt, have a bath!' Apparently the all-time best way to cope with stress. Warm water, candles and a glass of wine...oh yes:-)

Monday, April 07, 2003
Dunno about yams...........a lot of bulk for your money but after using cinnamon, allspice, brown sugar and pineapple, it still tasted a lot like regular potato in a syrup! Rather strange but after we all sampled it and felt pretty much the same, i think the answer might be the famous chipotle sauce:-) So tomorrow I re-invent the yam!
Sunny and crisp here. Not so in Michigan where my daughter and family shiver after ice storms, a flooded basement and no electricity...Ouch!! Oh yes, snow today to add to the misery. They might spend tonight in a hotel to get warm!

And Saddam continues to be conspicuous by his absence..........can't imagine why.

As for the diet..................I decided to switch to the Dr Atkins idea.........lots of cream and stuff....oh yes, sounds a lot more like me somehow!