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Saturday, April 19, 2003
I knew that card wasn't the whole story!
Nearly a week gone by and the news on Iraq just keeps on getting better.....I don't think! Sars takes hold in Canada and the weather changed overnight to galeforce winds and impending doom. just in time for my visitors:-) Truly the heavens are a darker shade of pale this morning..ominous.

Email has improved thank goodness so I'll stick with AOL for now but I'm teetering.Hope the rain holds off in Paderborn for the Easter run......Good Luck to my three grandchildren who are running today! Sorry Matthew can't make it too.Long distance running is a sort of hidden talent on the whole but if you happened to watch last weekend's London Marathon, plenty of people have the courage to try.I never felt the urge to be honest! Belated congrats to Paula Radcliffe who did it yet again! Such a slip of a girl too:-)

It looks like a hot chili day so the venison Paul brought over gets the hot stuff treatment.........

Monday, April 14, 2003
Saw something I might just have to have...........US Robotics 22Mbps Wireless PC Card at 60 pounds. Apparently I can create a cheap & cheerful wireless network by slotting this into my laptop.Can this be true? Ok I can see the rude remarks already!
Anyway I'm sick of AOL at the moment..still painfully slow send for email. I'm sending twice or more in the hope one of them gets there! It just won't do! Maybe BT or Freeserve would be an improvement.

Don't like the Syria implications. Please say it's not going to start there as well! As we all relax a little, the powers that be decide we need a bit more stress. Have you noticed that?
My immediate stress has to do with squeezing Matthew's family into my bijou dwelling next week. I guess a shoehorn might help:-) And we all know what Mat will be doing that week don't we! Be sure to overdo the emails won't you. Actually it will be fun to have the kids here and the shops have been warned:-)