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Saturday, May 03, 2003
Our wonderful health service Our town surgery has moved with all it's doctors and nurses.............not far away. Just too far for anyone to walk.There is public transport every hour or so.Let's see that means batches of patients all arriving at the same time doesn't it? Really practical.You have to walk to the bus stop of course...not too bad, but then you pay the fare. Should you wish to see a doctor at any other time you need to telephone a taxi, community caring society, or private volunteers. Meanwhile the doctors do benefit from a room to eat lunch and more space to see all those patients who are trying to find a way to get there.You have a car? That's alright then......environmentally a little bit worrying maybe but what the heck, there's more space and lots of new equipment, computers etc. "If a patient has a transport problem please tell the receptionist at the surgery who will try to suggest a solution" Assuming we ever got there in the first place! There have been many complaints since this scheme was planned but do you think anyone listens to actual patients? All the elderly who managed to get to the town premises under their own steam before, using sticks or 'walkers' and getting some exercise at least, must now forego the exercise and also attempt to find a place in a voluntary car................Am alone in thinking that many will prefer to stay home and suffer?I think I've ranted about this before but now it's actually a reality I feel like ranting again!

Thursday, May 01, 2003
Lovely Indian meal last night........I'm sticking to Tandoori style chicken lately...there's something about the colour!
The wine was plentiful so I'm moving slowly this morning:-)
As I emptied a handbag to take with me, out popped 5 odd little colourful plastic lumpy things...not sure what they are but I do know they have something to do with my grandchildren! Are they being missed at this very moment? Oh no!
I know too that there is a vital truck wheel somewhere in the living room and who knows what other little treasures hiding under the furniture.........We spent ages, all of us, at one point, trying to locate a small piece of a dragon robotic thingy which only took Claudia nearly 3 hours to put together..........it came out of a packet that said 'suitable for 8 year-olds'........yeah, if they have 8 arms and and fingers with brains! Sooooo ridiculous! Are they deliberately designed to drive parents to drink???

I visited my favourite shop yesterday People Tree and walked out with a wonderful Indonesian ship.apparently a type of kite...had to buy one because a) they look so beautiful hanging from the ceiling there and b) they are so ridiculously inexpensive. Now I'm looking for a ceiling in my house, high enough to hang it...Hmmmn!

Monday, April 28, 2003
So the 'where is he?' man would be 66 today? How many candles does he get on his cake and how explosive are they? Hope springs eternal and that's a very nasty thought for me to have.

It's such a grey and gloomy day today. Everyone I met was fighting the urge to curl up and sleep. My own sleep was broken by a horde of seagulls and blackbirds fighting over scraps in the rubbish skip behind the Indian restaurant. I really like seagulls but this morning their cries were too much! When the weather is windy and rainy, they come inland from the sea and spend their time quarreling with all the 'townie' birds...unbelievably agressive. The rubbish was cleared away today so tonight they will be raiding the back of some other restaurant no doubt:-)

Sunday, April 27, 2003
He's not the only one! I'm interested in 'stuff' too! Like the JVC Mini Note Personal computer....in lipstick red please:-) I'll take it as a bribe for not revealing the truth about your purchases!
Having seen Claudia's digital camera at work, I find myself strangely drawn to that area too:-)

It's awfully quiet in here.............and the floor/tabletops, stairs, kitchen floor and outside step are bare. The kitchen sink isn't overflowing and the merry sound of war is nowhere to be heard. Could it be that my grandchildren have left????? lovely week tho' and far too short....yes, really! We were so lucky with the weather...........until Friday. Today the gales are blowing and rain is in the air.

In the street, while we were having a good time with dinosaurs and paddling on the beach, there was upset and strife.......an employee is out of a job and sadness prevails. Never a dull moment in this neck of the woods.

Did you know: Slugs have up to 27,000 teeth! Where on earth do they keep them in those soft and slimy little bodies?