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Thursday, May 08, 2003
That faint impending sense of doom this morning was given substance this afternoon......a swarm of bees arrived in the street and thank goodness Virginia let me know.....warned about open windows. I have a permanent phobia about bee swarms, partly because of images I cannot forget, of a swarm hurtling towards our home in devon and beating against the windows We had had to race indoors and I was afraid for the children......terrifying. The other visual impression came from TV long ago when they showed a man who had been attacked by a swarm and they were all over his head.Ugh! I quite like individual bees buzzing around the flowers on summer's day but en masse...........HELP!

Tuesday, May 06, 2003
So sorry for the all the victims of the tornados...can't imagine what that must be like but the devastation is horrifying.

Monday, May 05, 2003
Bit of a party yesterday...started at 1pm in the Indian restaurant and finished at 10pm in my house! In an effort to absorb the wine flow, we consumed hastily concocted burritos and chimichangas (sp?) . Nevertheless, saving the world became a somewhat blurred discussion and I'm quite surprised to find that I managed to clear up and even wash up before going to bed last night:-) I was lucky..I live here! My friends had to walk a mile or so to get home abandoning cars for the night........hope they arrived!