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Friday, May 16, 2003
Well that was a day! I now have a holiday booked for Germany/Switzerland and a studio .......can't quite believe the latter.............I just mentioned that my throat hurts a bit from oil paint/turps fumes in the bedroom and lo! A room appears with heating and a toilet, within walking distance , ground floor and affordable.................Wow what can I say? I love this street and my friends! The holiday isn't until September but it sounds good too.........and cheap! I get to see The Black Forest area,at last.Now I need to save some money ...............earn some maybe,to deal with the rent for my new studio. Am I excited? You bet!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Now I realise how appropriate that show was..........The French nearly acted it out for real yesterday!!

Blueprint for disaster? The docu/drama on BBC2 last night was excellent but I doubt the wisdom of airing it. As a blueprint for disaster on my small island, it couldn't have been clearer. Our transportation system is in such a chaotic state and our roads so congested that it was easy to follow the horrors which might occur should the railways cease to operate for even a day. I think I am fairly law-abiding and non-agressive but I could almost sense the delicious joy of the terrorists as a whole new scenario was laid open to their planners.
We are so hooked on disaster now that it's probably hopeless to wish for a docu-drama which actually has a gloriously ecstatic ending for a change. We do doom and gloom so well!

Apart from that, it's a lovely sunny day and the hailstorms have gone...time to go for a stroll:-)

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Sunshine and hail in the middle of May! The fledgling blackbirds are puzzled. their mothers are calling anxiously as the babes are in danger of being 'bombed'.Just like Mums everywhere.
And Matthew can't get coffee.........AAAARRRGH!

What is it with politicians? Must they stamp their feet? Does anyone else apart from other politicians, really care when they resign? Are they even hooked on the resignation word? Such petulance, such schoolyard antics. Do they actually run the country? No wonder the world is in such a parlous state! Let children rule! We are islands, big and small.! Lord of the Flies was no worse, was it?

Sunday, May 11, 2003
I see my daughter is back! So the family is back in business:-)
After the bee scare, things quietened down a lot. I've had chance to view the street from a slightly different perspective.........suddenly I was aware of the chimneys.............dunno why...........could it be that they are hosting the amazing variety of birds that haunt our roofs? Yesterday I awoke to something stunning.............trills, arias, choruses and solos on a scale known only to the audience at la Scala............unbelievably beautiful and of mind-boggling variety. Impossible to ignore and loud enough to penetrate dreams. It was 4-30am and I'm going to buy a gun.