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Friday, May 30, 2003
I wonder if people are actually watching Big Brother again and I wonder .............why? So sad.

Thursday, May 29, 2003
Blistering heat so I'm glad my house is flint and therefore cool! The sun and me don't get along too well so I wear hats and stay indoors a lot:-)
Sold another book through Amazon which is good but there is a minor snag...........the postage costs. If the book is paperback and a reasonable size, Amazon's payments cover the cost of postage but if it's a largish hardback then you do lose a bit. I suppose in the end it works out but I'm wary of offering more hardbacks..Hmmn wish I were better at Maths!

Bit of a foodie week really.....Steak & Ale pie on Sunday night, Indian last night (Akbari Chicken) and Indian again tomorrow night...Oh life can be soooo good:-)

I'm interested to know how the vote goes on abandonning many of the Meisterbrief requirements in Germany. Will it make small businesses sprout up like weeds? Having stuck so rigidly to this rather restrictive practice for so long, I wonder whether this move will actually encourage economic growth there,.......or not?

Weak links? Ripples in a pond:-)))

Tuesday, May 27, 2003
All of this muddled because it took me forever to figure out how to transfer files!! Yes, I know:-) Incidentally I felt just the tiniest bit alien, having a laptop on a boat!

There are snags to living on boats! Having a shower can be a traumatic experienceJ It’s partly the space you know and partly my total lack of grace! I think I know now, why a lot of the ladies I’ve met on this trip, are sort of short and agile.

I keep forgetting where my stuff is! I have 2 bags with me, including the laptop’s and I thought it would be easier to keep all the small things in the bags so I wouldn’t lose anything in the teeny tiny cupboards that abound.Well, I lose stuff in the bags too. Incredible how something inanimate travels overnight from one bag to the other.

There’s a lot of talk about generators, port and starboard and wind speed, Plus a whole heap of incomprehensible jargon…you’ll be familiar with that sort of thing. Going at speed is called ‘playing’ for obvious (to males) reasons.I’m learning…….but do I really want to?

Why do women allow themselves to be so put down? I see the wives/partners struggling ,manfully to run round the boats, throwing ropes, hauling on others, following shouted commands from the man…you know the guy…the one who sits up aloft, holding the steering wheel and looking damn good! Curses abound and loud objectionable, bullying cries harry the women………..and they take it. Another reason why I am ill-suited to a life on waterJ The only cry you’d hear from my boat would be “Man overboard!”
This is the quiet time: 2-30. After lunch (with wine!) everyone sort of waits around for the ‘go’ signal when we all cast off and cruise down or up to the next mooring and pub. This is definitely fun for a day or two but every weekend? I don’t think so!

There are more adventurous trips, around the coast or across the Chanel…even to the ‘Med’ but I have a sneaky feeling they are all governed by the availability of good pubs/restaurants at the end of the trip/rainbow?

It’s Sunday morning and raining on the river. Very peaceful. I’m getting used to my ‘space’ (cabin) although I’m such a disorganized sort of person, I found it hard to not spread stuff around. You have to be really tidy on a boatJ
Friday we cruised down the river to a mooring and partied from about 4 in the afternoon…someone’s 50th birthday.These boat folk really know about parties and barbecues and it helped just a bit that two of them are hoteliers in the real world so brought their chefs down too! Saturday was a ‘protest’ trip to a bridge which should open to allow the boats through (you have to book ahead of time)The protest was because Railtrack hadn’t managed to repair the bridge and couldn’t open it for all these boats! The weekend was organized by a club so there were plenty of boats and plenty of irate owners. We were also visited by the newspaper reporter and cameraman so it was a big deal all round. I believe it was on the radio and TV coverage is also planned so if you happen to see a certain disheveled and ‘unsailorlike’looking individual on your screens next week, that’ll be meJ

The weather was fantastic yesterday tho’ so it was a great experience for me………especially when we reached a special place on the water where these cruisers can ‘play’.that is, they can go at speed…we reached 30mph which seems more like a hundred on water……..Love it!
Dinner in a waterside pub was amazing…huge plates of barbecued ribs, steak, chops, chicken……..I do mean huge and really cheap…15 BP with lots of wine, beer etc. We ate strawberries and cream on a neighbor’s boat and then coffee on another…..very hospitable people on the river.
Today we travel down another river and I get to see more of the wonderful scenery around here……truly beautiful.I’ve also seen a chicken pilotting a boat and a giant ice cream cone go sailing alone so I await with interest today’s delights.

I do miss having an internet connection tho’………surely there’s a way????????????????????????how about a telephone line on a very very long cable?J))

I'm back....more later from the river!