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Saturday, June 07, 2003
The rain came and today is lovely!
Victoria was seven yesterday and I am just in awe of her telephone skills......children are amazing. She is keen to make the journey by air to England in August and proud to tell me that she and Christopher (8) will be doing it 'alone'. I think I was 17 when I took my first flight alone.
I've been fighting Word and Publisher for hours for the last couple of days, trying to print some special folded labels for the bakery/deli but so far, no luck. I know for sure it is possible but I'm so not good with programmes.

Bum implants! Can you believe the madness? JLo and Kylie have much to answer for!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Thank you for that link Mat..........good to know that brilliant design is recognised in the rather cool world of computing.He is good isn't he.

Hot and muggy days lately. Not my kind of weather at all but a good excuse to buy another hat! I think it's time to coin another word now..........for 'sunbathers' read 'rainbathers' and why not? I might just start a cult! Love that rain.

Paul at the butchers is off his diet this week so yesterday saw me clutching yet another bag of venison with a request for chile cheese balls............how could I resist the tears in his eyes??? I spoiled them rotten over there by making nachos too! These diets do put rather a cloudblanket over the cooking fun but we all know the madness of early summer 'mirror panic' when you look and realise the folly of winter comfort food. I do notice that young men are far more concerned about their weight/shape than they used to be. To hear them earnestly discussing the merits of Dr Atkins versus Slimfast is a touch bizarre somehow but a healthy trend no doubt.

We have a new person in the dress shop..........a New Zealander, palm reader and possible psychic so that should be interesting.She swears that New Zealand is lovely but dull......I don't believe it.

I need to plant chile plants today...or re-pot the couple I rescued from the garden centre yesterday. They were half-price and I just knew that they would end up on the compost heap if I didn't get them. Somehow I don't think the gardners in this town are quite ready for chile growing:-)

Sunday, June 01, 2003
I seem to remember using a thin trail of honey across a doorway once upon a very long time ago. The theory being that the ants' little feet would get stuck..................and they did............but ants are clever and they simply climb over each other. Then we gave up and used Nippon.
The sun and heat changed to rain and chill, then back to heat, inside of half an hour this morning. Storms are promised and I live in hope.

I should be painting today but I procrastinate so easily and the Sunday Telegraph is so big. It must have been the remarkably ugly photograph of Claire Short that drew me to that particular newspaper............good grief, can she sue?????
After approaching AOL via their online help service yesterday, I got precisely nowhere! Have they heard of blogging? Did I fail to explain the problem clearly? After several attempts, the page just disappeared and I was left feeling extremely cross! I keep thinking about Freeserve.
Basically I need to use CTrl and the refresh button in order to see my latest blog on the webpage, although I post and publish as usual.This is happening all the time now and I merely wondered why? Too much to ask? Evidently.