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Monday, June 09, 2003
The storms came here too..........black skies and torrential rain. Paul and his family were at Yarmouth and watched the skies change over the sea."Wonderful picture!" He took his kids to euroDisney not long ago and discovers now how we get spoilt so easily.....................Yarmouth Pleasure Park isn't quite as exciting any more. But the donuts are fantastic! So much for diets:-)

I had a bit of a scare computerwise over the weekend with a hoax virus and a playful attachment.....lost the lot including the telephone overnight Saturday but all is well again now. My son and son-in-law both suffered the moans and groans and panic of Mum...apologies and thanks all round:-)

After all the rain, my apology for a garden is looking good. It is a tiny corner packed with plants, all of which are blooming....flowers I had no idea were lurking there. Also the chile plants I put outside are looking happy so fingers crossed for fruit. I put them outside because they tend to get a kind of whitefly indoors and I hate to spray.

Now English tastes have adapted, mexican food, in particular, Fajitas, has become more popular and we can buy fresh chiles much more easily so there isn't the same kind of desperation to grow them any more.