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Thursday, June 19, 2003
WeedsI wonder why some people are compelled to take out 'weeds'? Had friends over for lunch and the wife (a really good friend) could hardly keep her hands off my little patch of garden. Ok I know weeds are a bane in a proper garden but they do have pretty flowers and at this time of year, the few that I do have, struggling to get out from the 'real' plants, are attractive. I think. Fortunately my friends know me very well and not a finger was actually laid on the offending green and yellow stuff:-) Good thing too! Apologies to all the real gardeners out there but I think my little packed patch looks pretty good, weeds and all.

Off to Prague in a couple of weeks or so and I'm thrilled. Any suggestions for places to eat, places to see etc would be very welcome.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
No wonder! Last week saw the worst spells of high pollen count ever recorded....so that explains the snuffles and red eyes. I never used to notice pollen at all. 100 years ago, neither did anyone else and I see that in 1970 only 3% of us did. This year it's 20%. What lucky person owns shares in Kleenex???????

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Strange, ominous kind of day today.........after a sunny start, it's definitely lowering now.....pre-storm type weather.

Virginia fell and knocked herself unconscious in the bakery yesterday so she is nursing pretty bad bruises. At the butchers, all is well with Paul, who has managed to persuade his wife that motorbikes are good medicine! That took some diplomacy I think. Motorbikes and model railways...boys' toys!!! Yes, I know, I know! Meanwhile my boss has booked to fly to las Vegas ostensibly to look at fashion shows but then it's her first visit so she might find those one-armed bandits irresistible............I did! What an amazing place that is.

I wish coffee cost less. Or........I wish I didn't like it so much. It's a pity you can't buy it in large bags, instead of those silly supermarket packs. maybe I'll do an internet search and find some obliging trader.

Monday, June 16, 2003
Fantasy world: Hard to believe how some people live in a world of fantasy (maybe we all do in a way). I'm talking though about the sad souls who invent an existence for themselves and a history....not really meaning to deceive because they seem to genuinely believe their fairy stories. Our New Zealander turns out to be such a one and no longer graces the shop! After 'years of experience' in well-known London shops and work in the theatre (directing you know) her idea of customer service was to stand with hands in trouser pockets, looking vague! There was more but let's not dwell on mental aberration. I have known two such fantasists in my life and they are so convincing, it is scary:-)

My very own fantasy this week is to finish a painting, do the laundry and maybe, just maybe, avoid women with problems:-)

Sunday, June 15, 2003
How quickly some weeks fly by. Hard to believe it's almost Monday again.We are in the middle of a mini-heatwave so it's hats and sandals time.
Good food, good wine and very good company were all part of last week but the euphoria died down this morning with a tearful face at my front door. I think I should start to advertise a counselling service for suffering wives:-) Anyway a cup of tea and several hours later brought this particular session to an end with an exhausted moi and a newly smiling friend...........I'm sure I'll get my reward in............ well wherever I end up!

Today's reward was an invitation to dinner at the Indian restaurant...always a pleasure ..............Jalfrezi chicken was wonderful!