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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
There are 5 Art galleries in this small market town and I visit them all on a regular basis............lovely paintings in every one and the exhibitions are changed often. We have some really great landscape painters in Norfolk,many many landscape painters and no wonder. This county has wonderful skies and a wonderful coast so it cries out to be painted. But.......................we have wonderful people too and do you see any portraits in these galleries? No!

I understand that not everyone wants to look at other people's faces but I do, so I feel more than a little depressed about the situation. What I do is drop casual remarks as I pass the gallery owners about how nice it would be to see the occasional professional portrait instead of endless boats and skies. So far no result, but I'm determined.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003
I see Joanna had an interesting tanning experience...............I may need to try that!

No Blogger shirt for moi! They sent the total and believe me, I'd need to be a very rich lady to pay that much for a T.
I know it's a long way and I know there is stuff like tax and I know someone has to be paid to put it in a bag but ....!

My boss from the shop would love to buy some stock from the USA and is flying over there in August to find out more and see some shows but if there are similar problems with getting stuff here, I think she might just give up on the idea. Pity.

My chile plants are doing well outside so fingers crossed. Lots of sunshine is helping and a good helping of rain...I'm optimistic. There are lots of chiles about in the shops but imported and so far I don't see the lovely fat Jalapenos so great for stuffing.

Sunday, June 22, 2003
Tried to order a 'blogger' t shirt and all went well until I got to checkout....now waiting for an email about shipping...no sign yet:-(
It had to be banana cake again yesterday thanks to a huge bag of bananas from Sue at the grocers......plus a request for aforementioned treat "with chocolate chips please" There were so many bananas in the bag I ended up giving about 15 to a friend! Then Sue gave me eggs in payment for the cake! Madness!