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Saturday, July 12, 2003
A bit of marital disharmony in the street and an order for 60 Game Cookbooks!
The former is sad....why are some women so keen on other women's husbands? I'm astonished at the number of times this sort of thing happens around here.
Another pet hate; people who 'namedrop'all the time and pretend to knowledge they don't have.Mentioning Bessie Smith does not mean you know everything there is to know about jazz for instance. AARRGH!

The book thing is great news..........apparently the Game season starts again in 6 weeks and I need to get busy. It doesn't seem possible that so much time has flown by.

Of course it doesn't seem possible, either, that I was sipping coffee in Prague this time last week!

Friday, July 11, 2003
Should have waited!
We tried the chorizos and it wasn't my idea! Anyway, the taste was ok but they should hang for a lot longer than 24 hours. My butcher friends just flanelled me into cooking some and it was too soon. Now I have a paltry few to hang for maybe a week. Then they will have hardened off..hopefully:-)

Went to our new and improved surgery this morning............Ha! Words fail me but you can guess:-(
I ranted about this move to out of town premises a few weeks ago and going on about it won't change a thing sadly.

Thursday, July 10, 2003
It's definitely a wow of a day! Just finished making my first string of sausages - chorizos. I managed ok to fill the skins (from paul) but couldn't make the the twisty bits stay when I held them up...........over to Paul and with a flick of the wrist my string was transformed into proper links.......what a skill! They look like real sausages and that is very special. How they will taste is anyone's guess because they have to hang over at the butcher's til tomorrow. Then we'll see! Great excitement but disaster for my kitchen:-) I filled the skins with an icing bag and it sort of scattered around a bit..........now I get to clean up!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Holidays:Now I understand perfectly why the American tourists we see in my town are usually retired folk. Working people don't stand a chance really when the average number of vacation days is 10.2 (Time mag.) That doesn't seem a lot considering travelling hours. Shame. No wonder they prefer to stay home.
Here in the UK 20 days are guaranteed by law so there's enough time for families to fly to Florida etc.
and see the other side of the Pond.
I wonder why American employers are so stingy with vacation time?

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
So my son decided it was ok to anounce to the world my actual age................remember matthew that you have to see me again sometime!Not only that but using me to avoid a sock on the jaw isn't on either. What a good thing we don't live in the same country:-)
talking of which....as you listened to blues over there in Portland, I was listening to jazz on the Charles Bridge in Prague!
What a great weekend...............eveything was perfect, from the food to the trams to the river cruise to the artwork to the people and the hotel was terrific. I would go back to Prague in a heartbeat. Walking around the city my neck was permanently bent back, looking at the buildings....roof level..amazing sculptures all along roof edges and art nouveau ironwork everywhere.

The Charles Bridge is a must...artists, jewellery craftsmen and musicians all the way along..........the bridge is alive! We spent time watching the portrait artists(stunning work in pastel/charcoal) and listening to the music...one washboard player looked and played as tho' his very life depended on it............brilliant.

Wild boar goulash, beef cooked with cream, dumplings stuffed with fruit and dumplings awash in delicious gravy, potato pancakes, steak...........everything delicious and inexpensive.

It is impossible to blog about everything but if you ever want to visit a very special city in Europe, make it Prague!