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Friday, July 18, 2003
Heard a rant this morning from a perfectly ordinary member of the public (shop assistant) in his middle sixties...........appropos of nothing at all: how much nicer the ladies used to be in his day.............how it used to be fun to take one out and how you looked after them..and up to them and how they were mysterious..it just went on and on ending with a negative comparison with today's 'ladies'..always in your face and not an ounce of mystery to be seen! It was impossible to get away from the torrent of complaint and nostalgia. He did have a point tho'.the mystery is no more and that goes for males too I guess. Whether the revolution has been useful/productive/worthwhile I have no idea but this gentleman was in no doubt. The late 50's early 60's were far superior as far as relationships went.wonder if that's true?

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Flowers will do it every time!
Just as was starting to feel a bit melancholy this morning, a bouquet of apricot roses arrived at my door and the day turned from gloomy to ecstatic! I am always totally bowled over by flowers.....soppy? Sure!

My plan to cheer up the day, had been to go round to the gallery and buy a new palette and maybe a paintbrush or two..now there's a laugh! No wonder artists end up in garrets when one brush costs 6 BP..and it's not big:-( Also not the best quality:-( As for a new palette.........I'm ashamed to say I bought a plastic one! I hate it already. But to replace my 30 year old lovely big, rectangular wooden palette, now at least 2 inches deep in old paint, would cost an arm and a leg. Tomorrow I'm going to start scraping!

I see Matthew is in Bristol today...it might as well be the far side of the moon as far as distances go. Equally, visiting Oregon isn't helpful when your sister lives in Michigan:-) What a scattered little trio we are!