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Thursday, July 31, 2003
I was given a bottle of home-made elderberry wine this afternoon...now I hear the purists going UGH! But don't be too hasty...I had just a tiny glass about 15 minutes ago and it tasted quite mild and smooth. HOWEVER the after-kick was noticeable:-) Definitely a bottle to be shared.......with many:-)
I do remember when we got the wine-making bug and elderberry was favourite but I 'm not sure it was ever quite so potent..

Celebrations at the butchers this morning! A baby girl for Simon! So glad I didn't stay home and iron:-)
Went dye hunting too........a whole batch of net curtains didn't pick up a scrap of the lovely lilac dye my friend used...came out as white as they went in. Of course she didn't use the right temperature and the fabric is synthetic but still, you would've thought a little bit of the dye would show. In spite of finding a dye specifically designed for synthetics, I didn't win the debate so once more the nets get to swim in a second unsuitable dye but this time at the right temperature.........why? Because the other dye requires standing over a large simmering pot instead of bunging everything in a machine! Fingers crossed on this one

Overheard conversations in the street this morning were laced with references to www, the internet, email and similar........it used to be that folk discussed the weather, shopping, TV and so on. Are we becoming obsessed?

Wednesday, July 30, 2003
The story of Tony Martin is in every newspaper this week...he was released from jail yeterday I think. What is worrying is that he ended up there after shooting and killing a burglar. The worrying aspect is about defending yourself or your home from intruders. Just where is the line you don't cross? Is a broken finger permissable? Can you punch him on the jaw? Can you throw a vase at him/her and maybe break his nose? Who knows now, what you CAN do to protect yourself against the villains and at the same time avoid prosecution? When we hear that stealthy footstep downstairs in the night and maybe confront them, must we then spend minutes deciding what we are allowed to do? Sorry, this is ludicrous!