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Friday, August 08, 2003
Fractals For no apparent reason have become fascinated with fractals recently. The Chaos theory was a bit of an obsession several years ago but I never did get into the images, beyond Norwegian fjiords and ferns. Now, suddenly I'm busy searching the internet for images, web sites and books showing these extraordinary and beautiful creations.It is frustrating in many ways, not least because I am a 'Math idiot' and straight lines were never my thing! Measurement too has always been a mystery world. Maybe freehand is simply not the way but my telephone doodling has started to resemble a lot of equilateral looking triangles! I know that somewhere there is a disc (Klaus Lerbinger's book for instance) and I think I may have to go that route in the end. Meanwhile I have downloaded some of the best images from mbfractals.com.........a great site.

Monday, August 04, 2003
It's hard to believe, I know, but the first real heatwave and lo.......the railways stop working properly!Why? Oh because the tracks might buckle and 'the passengers' safety is of paramount concern'. So all the trains slow down and all the schedules are kaputt and all the passengers wait. Marvellous! As this particular heatwave is set to continue for several days at least, I guess those passengers will just go on waiting.

Meanwhile I ranted on about the local surgery move recently and also about my visit there. Only today did I discover that the prescription I was given by the nurse(no, not a doctor, remember?)was wrong.....yep, the wrong dosage. If the packet had been the same size I might not have noticed until I got home but it felt wrong and I queried ...........is that the end? No....after telephoning the surgery I got apologies and a promise to send the correct prescription through to the chemist. Fine..........but on my table I have a useless amount of medication......no the chemist couldn't take it back and he couldn't return the faulty prescription to me because 'it belongs to the government now'. And no I am not kidding and I wonder vaguely how much the medication costs. Does it even matter?

Sunday, August 03, 2003
I am seriously considering the life of a slob this morning..........sadly there is no definition in my old dictionary of that emotive word slob. Will I become a member of the fraternity if I neglect to wash/dress/make the bed/comb my hair? I just don't know. Must I be seen to be a slob? Must I therefore go out? Does a slob stay home?Is it necessary to walk with a shuffle?What about shoes? Do I need dirty feet? Should my T shirt wear yesterday's spillage?
So many unknowns. A world worth researching? Looking in the mirror this morning I guess the answer must be yes.