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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Ugly looking thing Mat! Shades of Nemo. Wonder why they are suddenly making an appearance?
I do like the quality of the photos tho' Could that be the all-dancing, all-singing new gadget maybe:-)?

Clotted Cream!For those not familiar with this delicacy, I need to say that it is wholly wicked but wholly delicious and now available at my favourite deli! Normally made in Cornwall and Devon, it involves lots of the best Jersey milk, a huge flat pan and lots of patience. The rewards are oceans of thick cream with a deep golden crust. And now it's right there, online.........and not expensive!
An experience not to be missed but forget the waistline:-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Good luck to all those people threatened by the hurricane.............let's hope it loses some of its force before it makes landfall. I simply can't imagine that kind of natural phenomenon...must be pretty grim.

Writing this before I embark on a marathon meatball project! With venison sausagemeat from Paul and grated cheddar from Virginia, I aim to fill a large bowl with chile meatballs stuffed with cheese for customers to sample at the butchers........that way they get to taste one of the recipes from my cookbook and also enjoy a 'snack'. It seems to be selling well this season so I'm hoping to send a bigger cheque to the MS research group. Paul the butcher benefits from increased sales of game and we are all happy:-)

It's a totally wonderful sunny day ..real Indian Summer weather. I was out and about in the morning before the real heat hit and now I can work happily inside these lovely cool flint walls!

A postal strike is threatened next week..................oh joy!!

Sunday, September 14, 2003
It's been a while and I see I need to repeat the opening sentence of my last blog..Total admiration for the people of New York.......the 11th came and went and was endured.

No complaints or rants over the last weeks except for a fairly horrendous coach trip to Germany...hours and hours of coach travel every day for 5 days does nothing to enhance the beauty of the area, I promise you!
Silly me........I thought it would be a nice relaxing break after the hectic fun with my two grandchildren the week prior (a treat, as it turned out:-)

So I survived the coach and the Tunnel (Aaaarrrgh) and fell into bed at 3am Friday morning. Woke at 10 to find the same black strange spidery haloes swimming about in my right eye that had appeared the night before. So it wasn't simple fatigue then. We have a NHS helpline so to avoid troubling the surgery doctors I called the line and after extensive questioning by the doctor I was told to call an ambulance and get myself to emergency right away!
Surely not? So I called the surgery..you might remember that they moved?......again questions and consultation with the doctors.............'call 999 and get to emergency right away'Don't eat or drink anything .you might have to have surgery'

So I did and an ambulance arrived about 15 minutes later. (I won't go into the state of my appearance after i tried to wash, pack a bag, dress, call and email my children in Germany & America and not panic.
However............the paramedic looked at me in horror and said they couldn't take me cos I could walk...........meanwhile someone else in the street had collapsed. Fair enough that was a true emergency and I felt bad but was following directions after all. At 1pm another ambulance came to take me.....a 'transport' ambulance this time.
The hospital is lovely..............has a terrific sculpture hanging down the inside super modern structure.
By 5pm I still hadn't been seen by an eye specialist and I still hadn't eaten or drunk anything.

I wanted to scream but didn't. and I'm not screaming now.

I walked through my front door around 7.

Apparently I have to learn to live with these black haloes in my eye but should there be a change I need to go to emergency right away.

Of course there's a lot more to this story but it would take too long. The real rant is why was I told to call 999 in the first place and with such a beautiful new hospital in Norwich, why oh why can't they find enough people to staff it.reception desks were empty for hours (and I do mean more than one hour)with patients' folders lying on the counter etc etc. Meanwhile men in suits, looking important, strut around making 'notes' and gazing in awe at the architecture and lovely gift shops. The real people working there want to scream too..that was made clear to me by one of them.

I did some serious housecleaning before writing this to reduce the vitriol:-)