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Saturday, September 27, 2003
First shop to offer internet shopping! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave at the bag shop has launched his new shopping web page..real excitement here because it's a first for the street! Yes, I know, we are just a leetle bit slow in the backwoods:-) Do take a look at and give a bit of a wave
Actually Dave has had a web page for some time but no credit card or international payment scheme.

Mad time in the kitchen last night with friends....trying to create an authentic Szechuan meal....what we created was a mess and some very indifferent food! I think I'll stick to Mexican:-)

Friday, September 26, 2003
The cycle begins again...........cool Autumn weather brings out the soup in me...a chicken, ham hock, chiles and vegetables and a steamy kitchen.............produced soup for the street and we all enjoyed it:-)

Requests for the recipe result in a long blank stare...........there isn't one, you just get a chicken, a ham hock, vegetables, butter chiles some herbs, some spices and what do you know, you get soup:-)Cold air is responsible for a mass food obsession.I do think our bodies start to clamour for heat and energy before the Winter. It's my excuse anyway.

I really love this weather and everyone is smiling again..........a surge of energy everywhere. Thank goodness Summer's over (oh heresy!)