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Friday, October 03, 2003
Why oh why does it always happen at once!!
Great excitement when my new printer/scanner/copier arrived, followed by great despair when the installation process went pear-shaped, followed by frustration upon frustration as I tried all the methods to fix it that were known to man.........including the engineers at Epson and Viking, my friends, the computer shop man and a telephone help line. Now my new adventure sits in the hall in its original packing and box, waiting for the other man to pick it up and take it away (sob)
Next I had to remove the almost new mouse from the computer upstairs because it wasn't working properly and get a replacement..............now I didn't attach that almost new mouse so in order to remove it I had to make a telephone call and then scrunch up on the floor and drag the modem out of a crate which houses it. So far so good.
I brought back the new mouse and once more crawled on the floor and tried to plug it in. After straining every muscle in my arms and chest, I gave up............every time I thought it was attached I got a 'missing mouse' message. During these struggles, the torch which I had sensibly put on the floor within reach, stopped working.

I am going to run a bath now, play soft music and recover my mind!

Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Now we're in real trouble Krispy Kreme doughnuts have arrived! Alarm and consternation..........they are addictive, delicious, light, addictive and addictive:-)'Yeast-raised and as light as a frosted snowflake. It is possible to eat three of them in one sitting'(The New Yorker) For women this would mean more than half of the 2.000 recommended daily amount of calories.
Since I am a confirmed American doughnut fan I can only be relieved that so far the company has no plans to venture into my neck of the woods.............otherwise there would be no hope for me at all.......I would become a blimp in no seconds flat!
Oh but they are so good:-)