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Thursday, October 16, 2003
A big Happy Birthday to my grandson Christopher today!

They come around so fast now I can't keep up with years...............I remember it did seem that you just turned around a couple of times and your kids were bigger than you...quite scary at the time:-)

On TV last night...an American couple who had swapped houses with a couple here in England for a two week holiday.great way to have an inexpensive holiday.but...................the American husband was horrified by the cost of living here.......50% higher than the States and alsoGermany and France, he reckoned.I have no idea why prices for food etc here are so high but believe me, it's not only foreigners who are horrified! Have sympathy for all us exploited Brits please.
Silver surfers like myself are starting to get quite stroppy about it now.in particular because of the outrageous Council Tax levied on everyone. Some have refused to pay, others are marching in protest. So far I have paid up every month but this worm might be about to turn.