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Thursday, December 04, 2003
Made a mistake yesterday...........My grandson's birthday is TO-DAY! Happy 5th Birthday Benjamin!
I queued for hours this morning at the Post Office just to send a few packets and letters for Christmas. I wish that they would come up with a different idea for queues......say, all regular post in one line, all commercial post in another and pensions and benefits in another but I guess that might be too easy!
A new 'sausage' shop opened in the street this week and I got all excited thinking that maybe, just maybe, I would be able to buy chorizo at last without travelling for an hour on the bus! No such luck. The window is full of joints of beef, pork and lamb with a few pork sausages curled up on a plate in the corner (sigh).
Frightened pensioners out shopping this morning were counting their pennies as they compared their respective grandkids list....'I've got 8 now and that's not counting the new baby' 'Oh I'm lucky then, I only have 6 so far. Just don't know how I'm going to manage this year' Overheard in the toy department. So stop right now all you eager baby-makers!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003
So sorry this morning to read about Andrew in Mat's blog because if it's the same Andrew who was going to bring flowers, he is a really nice guy. Blogging about a breakup can only be good therapy and when you know there are some people around the world who actually care, it has to be the best medicine. I only wish it had all been available when I was a young and foolish lady ...........now I'm older and still foolish!

Looking forward now to Christmas in Germany once more..unexpectedly.......Helping to tame the grandkids while their Mum recovers from that painful knee op. Strange how plans can change in the blink of an eye and alter the future...........I'd hate life to be predictable.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003
I'm back and so full of guilt.........Matthew is right and I'm sorry for being so neglectful. It is important to keep in touch and the internet is the most useful tool there is for this purpose. Many of us are separated from our children/grandchildren by literal miles but by only seconds of internet time...........how long does it take to send an email? Or mail a picture?
I want to put in an extra word about 'seniors'...........at 60 we might be looking at another 20-30 years (ok I know the 30 is optimistic:-) and for many of those years we might be alone. away from our families and in some cases 'lonely'. For some, the possibilities of taking to the air literally to visit relatives, is not always possible and the internet is a godsend..........we need to use it more!
Blogging, in particular, spreads ideas and in some cases, loneliness causes stagnation of the imagination so let the wisdom of age spread, folks!