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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Happy Birthday Claudia! Hope that knee is feeling better:-)

Heavy rain this morning but I bravely stepped out to finish shopping...........yeah, right!
There is no way on this earth that I will get finished before Monday. I walk into the shop with a carefully thought out list...........suddenly I'm surrounded by choices and start to dither.....how dare they have such a multitude of 'possibles'. It's not as if I'm looking for large items.........these are simply the little token presents for my colleagues but still I'm overcome by all the glitz and Christmas music and candles and crackers and, and and.................I finally arrived home and when i looked in the bag, surprise, surprise, nothing matched any single item on my list!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Pushing through the tinsel............
It's turning into a slightly manic week............well of course! It appears that I am 'eating' almost every day in pre-Christmassy sort of way.Yesterday was dinner at the Indian and i was solemnly presented with a calendar by the waiters. Today was lunch at Jambos. tomorrow dinner for friends before I leave, Friday lunch with another friend and Saturday night dinner yet again.............. the waistline gets to expand once more cos i am busy cooking up treats at the same time and have to taste before I hand them over. As I do this, i search for decorations too...I know I will be away but a little bit of glitz doesn't hurt does it?

Going to the post office is a nightmare now and involves long waits inside and out.yes, in the street! Good thing the weather is being kind.
I noticed several Sales starting in the shops and that is not such a good sign because it means there is a lot of stock still on the shelves ....I think the retail trade is suffering this Christmas.I wonder just how much this is due to the internet shopping enthusiasts?

Monday, December 08, 2003
Christmas: alive and very sparkly in the UK
A few years ago I flew to Michigan for Christmas and my daughter and family drove me around to see the christmas decorations..............on the housing areas. I was stunned.....what a fantastic display. Every house was ablaze with lights, reindeer in the garden and trees covered in white sparkly icicles. I had never seen anything like it. The whole place was sparkling and I couldn't bear to contemplate how much electricity was in use:-)

As you've guessed already, the Atlantic is no kind of barrier and now we boast displays of almost equal opulence here in the UK. I was in a house last weekend which was being transformed into a total Christmas grotto in blue and silver. Special trips were made to the shops to find more blue decorations to add to the wonderworld. It might seem to some to be over the top and even tasteless but I never saw a family so involved in creating magic together; mum, dad, and teenage kids in absolute agreement..............so what if it only lasts for the season. It's fun!