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Thursday, December 18, 2003
I'm a grandma....get me outa here!I just noticed today..January that this didn't publish for some reason!
No, I jest! It's great to be back in Germany and even greater to see the grandkids again:-)
I'm here in the guise of 'helper' to my son but you all know how that goes..'I need to press which button?' 'I should feed the children when?' 'The Post Office is where?' Hopefully I will be more useful next week!
Already I'm getting angry tho'..............how come a postage stamp to any European country costs the same here, when it costs more in England? And why is food so much cheaper here? And why are house rents lower? So far, everything I see is more expensive at home and it's maddening!

I'm sure there is a legitimate reason and I am just not bright enough to see it.