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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Such a wet and dreary day but not in the home of yours truly! The reconstruction of my home continues and if i could concentrate on one room at a time,it would be finished by now. It's always the same when I start something like this....................I end up on the floor going through old letters, photographs etc etc. surrounded by empty cupboards and a floor covered in paper!Of course I've done exacxtly the same thing in the other room so ......................I do see light at the end of the tunnel though! I play music very loud and samba along carrying things from one room to the next but I did find places to hide the demolished cupboard pieces...so things are looking neater.....in a way.
It's 'soup' day tomorrow for my butcher friends so the rest of the mallard went into the pot and i'm soaking some guallijo chiles to spice things up a bit:-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Demolition Day
I just don't know what got into me this morning.................at 7am............a surge of energy that is unprecedented in this house! taking my trusty sledge hammer in my hand, I managed to demolish a rather nasty piece of furniture, reducing it to bits of wood and shelving. Not content with that bit of destruction, I merrily continued........no, not with the hammer............dragging furniture around like someone possessed and painting walls until I had made 'space'. That was followed by a drastic culling of clothes!
I stopped at 10-30, having completely redesigned the spare bedroom and accumulating a huge pile of debris forced into black plastic bags! Then I sighed hugely and smiled at myself in the mirror! It is amazing how much you can do in a couple of hours when you are really energised....I wonder could it have been the roast mallard???????????????????

Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Came home with a mallard from the butchers today...............haven't cooked one before but Paul tells me it's well worth a go so tonight I get to dine on duck......with luck:-)
For some reason I have a huge urge to clean out cupboards and get rid of stuff.must be nearly Spring or something. So far I have donated a large bag of tubes of water colour to someone who thinks they might like to paint, two wicker baskets and a box of little glass jars to the charity shop and a large pile of Christies antique catalogues to the antique centre in the street. I reorganised the overflowing cookbook shelves in the kitchen and emptied two drawers which were full of pencils, crayons, craft knives etc etc etc. The snag to being an art & craft teacher for so many years is the unquenchable desire to hoard art materials...........and I don't mean paint! I pick up a screen and a squeegee and think ' no, I should really keep those.......I might want to do a screen print one of these days'..........Well I might!

Well the reply came this morning but no suggestions, sadly..............it doesn't look too 'temporary' to me ! Just tried again but still had to use internet explorer to see the Monday post.very aggravating!

Monday, January 19, 2004
Still waiting for a repy from those lovely people at Blogger to explain why I have to go through Intrernet Explorer now to view my latest posts.

Nostalgic kind of mood tonight...............curiously I heard from more than one person last week who spent college days with me...this courtesy of friendsreunited.com It all seems a bit overwhelming as the memories flood in but I have to say, most are great memories and I'm thankful that this website exists so that old friends can reach me.